Modern furniture from eco-leather

Ivan Orlov
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Modern furniture from eco-leather

Furniture leatherette is replete with flaws: it has an uneven surface, quickly wears off, when overheated, it begins to emit toxic volatile dioxin, cracks from cold, jars from moisture and completely - like rubber - does not breathe. You can look at furniture from ecoskin on the website�

All this was true a few years ago, when eco-leather came into use. Haveeco-leather furniture�- This modern high-tech material - no such flaws. The manufacturing technology of eco-leather is fundamentally different from the production of the usual leatherette. The basis of eco-leather - natural cotton linen, as well as a number of substances from cellulose. Instead of polyvinyl chloride, a more perfect polyurethane is used, which, due to the increased mobility of the spatial network of its macromolecules, copes well with mechanical and temperature effects. The technology of applying polymer is also different: the film forms a breathable, finely porous coating.These properties make the new material very successful for the manufacture of interior items.

Eventuallyeco-leather furnitureModern furniture from eco-leather

  • hypoallergenic and non-toxic,
  • withstands severe temperature fluctuations
  • resistant to abrasion (has a life of up to 70 years),
  • breathable,
  • almost indistinguishable from genuine leather,
  • elastic and soft to the touch,
  • resistant to cleaning, easy to clean.

Modern furniture from eco-leatherOf course, compared with natural material,eco-leather furniture�There are drawbacks: it is more susceptible to intentional mechanical damage. However, with quiet operationeco-leather furniture�turns out to be more practical. In addition, natural raw materials have their own drawbacks: stretch, structural unevenness of the surface, natural defects, instability to the effects of cleaning products - the eco-leather of these blemishes is devoid.

It is not surprising that the value of eco-leather was appreciated by deco furniture. For this style, where gloss, flawlessness, rich color are important, eco-leather has become more suitable than dressed animal skins.

Art Deco Furniture, made of this material, better reflects the main features of the �last chic style of the 20th century�: luxury without pomp, perfection of forms and surfaces, originality.Eco-leather furnishings in this style can be purchased in the LeHome ArtDeco showroom.