No trust

Hello. My child is 3.5 months old, before birth they lived with a mother-in-law, after birth they lived in the village and with my mother. I had to go to my mother-in-law for 2 days or she came to us, I do not trust her son, I immediately become annoyed, I change immediately, I try not to show this nervous, I’m annoyed when I talk to him while I change my voice; does not understand. I will soon have to go there to live, how to be me. I want my baby’s contact with her to be small



Irritation is protection.

What are you defending when your mother-in-law is with your child? Why?

It is also possible - this is a normal reaction, which will soon pass.

Try to pick up the chicken from the brood;)


Well, yes it is difficult of course the situation

Only need to speak with the mother in law.