Original gift ideas for chefs and those who love to cook

The gift, as you know, must be original, pleasant and individual. And you need to choose it with a soul, so that the recipient will appreciate your attitude towards him. But sometimes it is not easy to choose a specific gift. For example, a surprise for a cook or a person who loves cooking should be special.

How to make a choice?

So, what to look for when choosing a gift? There are several important points:

  • Specialization. What exactly does a cook specialize in? He is probably an excellent master pastry chef or works in a cold shop of one of the best restaurants. And this should be taken into account, because if you plan to choose a useful gift, then it should be related to one or another specificity of cooking.
  • Floor. If a man will certainly appreciate a set of knives or another specific male gift, then a woman is better to give something female.
  • Age.A young chef, a beginner cook or an amateur cook can present an original and cool gift, he will definitely be appreciated. But an experienced chef is better to give something more serious and status.
  • Occasion. What kind of holiday do you plan to present a gift for? So, if this is a professional date, then give symbolic gifts. On the New Year, March 8 or February 23, you can present an original souvenir. But on the anniversary should give something expensive and meaningful.


So what to give to the cook?

Gifts for the soul

If the recipient works as a cook in a large restaurant, then he is probably tired of cooking, even if it is his favorite activity. In this case, it is worth giving a break from the daily routine and giving something that will distract from work and just take pleasure. Here is what it can be:

  1. Invitation to the restaurant. Let the chef go to a different role, that is, try the dishes, not cook them. But it is important to choose a chic place with an impeccable reputation, because the cook is a real gourmet, so he definitely will not appreciate the food and low-quality dishes.
  2. Gift impression.This can be riding a horse, riding a quad bike, going on a boat, climbing lesson, diving, or something else. If you want to really please the culprit of the celebration, then find out what he dreams about or at least would like to try.
  3. Invitation to wine tasting. Surely the chef will be interested to know more about different wines and about which of them are combined with those or other dishes. This is not only pleasant, but also partly useful.
  4. For the birthday, you can give a chef a bottle of expensive and elite alcohol, such a present will definitely be appreciated.
  5. Give a certificate for relaxing or wellness treatments at the medical center or spa. Let the culprit of triumph relax and forget not only about work, but also about all problems and worries.
  6. Give the samovar. Especially he will have to by the way, if the chef loves tea and gatherings. Electric samovars are on sale, which are much more convenient to use.
  7. Chic set consisting of a carafe and glasses. A connoisseur of delicious food will appreciate such a gift.
  8. Give the chef a portrait. On it, it can be depicted as in any interesting place (for example, in a beloved country), and for a favorite occupation.

Useful gifts

If you want to give something useful, then below are some suitable options:

  1. Kitchen scales. Surely the cook has to often measure the mass of certain ingredients, so this device will come in handy and will certainly be used for its intended purpose.
  2. Present a set of cutting boards for different products. They may have different forms (those products for which they were intended), different drawings or interesting inscriptions (for example, the sayings of great people or compliments).
  3. A set of knives. A cook who often cooks meat dishes will appreciate this gift.
  4. A real hostess can give a set of dishes or a certificate for the purchase of various items or kitchen utensils.
  5. On sale there are new, modern and sometimes unusual accessories. One of them is an egg boiling timer. Some models have several marks showing the different states of the boiling egg (soft-boiled, steep), others change color in the cooking process, and some indicate readiness using sound signals.
  6. You can donate any desired multifunctional kitchen appliance.But it is better to know in advance the preferences and needs of the recipient of the gift in order to please him.
  7. Kitchen timer. Often the preparation of certain dishes requires strict adherence to the time frame. And in order not to miss the right moment, you can use such a device as a timer. And its interesting thematic design will be very appropriate in the kitchen.
  8. To facilitate the life of the cook, you can give him an automatic brazier with an electric drive. Such a convenient device eliminates the need to monitor the meat during cooking and turn it over. The brazier will do everything himself and give the cook to rest and do other things.
  9. You can also present a multifunctional device designed for cutting (including curly) any products.
  10. Any man will certainly appreciate the kebab set, which includes skewers, a brazier, a cutting knife in a case, a flask, a hatchet, a cigarette lighter and other useful devices.
  11. You can donate a large and original set of containers for spices or for products, for example, for cereals.
  12. Kitchen thermometer. It will make it as accurate and comfortable as possible to measure the temperature of the ingredients and dishes during cooking. And some models are designed for ovens or ovens.
  13. A useful gift can be a creamer, who not only in a few seconds will prepare any cream, but also will allow to decorate confectionery products in an original and simple way.
  14. A cook or a novice cook will definitely appreciate such a present as a book of unusual recipes or a collection of recipes of the peoples of the world.
  15. To a person who loves to cook, had the opportunity to do it even in nature and far from civilization, you can give him a cooler bag, a portable stove, working on solar batteries, or some other mobile device that you can easily take with you to hike

DIY gifts

Anyone will be happy gift made by yourself. Here's what you can give to the cook:

  1. Bake a cake and decorate it in an original way. And let it not be a culinary masterpiece, but the cook will definitely appreciate your efforts and give you some useful tips. You can also cook any other dish, for example, your signature or unusual.
  2. Sew an original tack with appliqué or embroidery. It's very simple, but such a tack will definitely be exclusive!
  3. Make an interesting craft using food.For example, it may be a picture of cereals or a product of pasta. The culinary specialist will certainly appreciate this creation.
  4. Buy a simple towel or tablecloth and decorate it yourself! You can embroider a picture or an inscription, make a creative application or embroider a fabric with beads.

Cool gifts

Interesting ideas for cool gifts:

  1. The original apron with the image of a male or female silhouette.
  2. You can give an interesting pillow in the form of some product, for example, a piece of cheese, humburger, vegetable, fruit or berries.
  3. Present a clock made in the form of a frying pan, pan or other kitchen appliance or product.
  4. You can give a cook a T-shirt or T-shirt with a thematic pattern or the inscription: “Chef,” “Cooking like God,” “Cook from God,” “Cooking with love,” and so on.
  5. Will delight the cook and a mug with a funny inscription or even a whole set of dishes.
  6. Give the hero of the occasion a diploma or a medal to the “Best Cook”, “For the best recipes and dishes” or “For culinary merit”.

Now you are sure to pick up something useful, interesting and original for the chef or amateur cook.

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