Diet Kim Protasov

Diet Kim Protasov To begin with, let us say to you the following: any diet should be agreed with your nutritionist, since any organism is unique. Accordingly, he needs a special diet. Today we will talk about the diet of Kim Protasov, who recommended.

How to cook squid

Squids are considered a delicacy on Russian tables. But you do not need to visit an expensive restaurant to enjoy the taste of these wonderful seafood. If you know how to cook and find in yourself some kind of cooking skills, then you can.

Whats with laptop

What's with the laptop? I came to relatives in New Urengoy with a laptop, because need to work in parallel. And then he began to get very hot, just keep his hand hot. This is not dangerous? ��������������������������������There are 7 answers ������������i.morozin ������������Answered on.

What dream lover

What dream lover? ������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������Yuri Belousikov ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������August 13, 2012 If you are interested in what a lover dreams about, the answer can be found in our article. You will also find out why a former lover is dreaming of a woman. If a.

How to sell more

How to sell more? Selling more is the dream of any businessman. But by themselves, customers do not line up in a queue, and do not begin to choose your product among other similar ones. If you recall the main components of a business.

Where is Donetsk

Where is Donetsk? Galina Mirzahmedova April 27, 2015 On the map Donetsk Donetsk is a city (old names Yuzovka, Stalino) - the regional center of Donetsk region, which is located in the east of Ukraine. This is a major industrial and business center of.

How I did coconut oil

How I Made Coconut Oil I never paid attention that you can buy coconuts in the shops of our city - apparently, they just didn’t come across to me. I always use coconut oil as an ingredient for soap and creams. Usually ordered via.

What is a radius

What is the radius? bysknop February 3, 2015 Most often, the term "radius" is used in geometry. It was first used by the French scientist P. Ramus as early as 1569, although the term became common only at the end of the 17th century.

How to draw mom

How to draw a mom? Alina Alexandrova January 21, 2013 47245 Are you interested in how to create a portrait of mom? Indeed, many of us are asking precisely this question, but they do not know the answer to it. In kindergartens and schools.

How to make jam

How to make jam? Jam is a jelly-like mass, which contains whole berries, fruits and their pieces boiled in syrup. You can make jam simply and quickly. We will tell you how to make apple and plum jam. Before you make jam, you need.


Guilloche Guilloche is a technique of open burning on fabric. Different napkins, tablecloths, clothing items and even paintings can be created by guilloche. For this you need a device for burning through a tree, in which the sting is replaced with a needle from.

How to buy poop

How to buy poop Turd There are 2 answers Carol scott Answered on April 12, 11:07 Earnings from 20 000 rubles a day! - Do you need a ready, already customized method of earnings? - Without difficult courses that you can not figure out.

What is a layer

What is a layer? Elena Melnichenko December 19, 2014 Speaking of a homogeneous mass of a substance that covers any surface or is between anything, we often use the word layer - a layer of apples in a pie, a layer of straw, a.

Orange Gift Box

Orange Gift Box Orange Gift Boxis a bright and very beautiful gift box made of colored cardboard. Materials and tools: colored cardboard; scissors; glue; compass or something to draw a circle. Step 1 On a sheet of pink cardboard, draw a circle of 10.

Stone Wedding

Stone Wedding Stone wedding is celebrated after seventy-five years and a half of the joint family life. Such a long and strong union, of course, is a delight, it is worthy of imitation and respect. As a rule, the celebration that the spouses themselves.

What is a ray

What is a ray? Sergey Nikolaev March 18, 2015 The word ray has several meanings. One of the most common is the light strip emanating from the light source. It is called so - a ray of light, a ray of sunshine, a ray.

Cycling chair

Cycling chair. Tender advice. I want to buy a bike for the summer, and a cycle chair. I can not choose, better cycling seat in front, to fasten There are 5 answers klozi Answered on April 1 21:46 We bought the one that is.

French diet

French diet According to people who have tried the French Dyukan diet, it is necessary for everyone who wants to get rid of 10 kg or more. Nutritionist Pierre Ducane created a diet that began to be popular not only in France. The fact.

Buy plumbing

Buy plumbing. I am now equipping the bathroom, and now there was a question about the choice of plumbing. Can you tell me where you can buy high-quality plumbing at an affordable price in Moscow? There are 4 answers Mintol Answered on May 1.

How to cure snoring

How to cure snoring? Catherine January 22, 2015 Snoring is a characteristic sound that is formed as a result of the vibrations of the soft tissues of the pharynx under the influence of a stream of air. The causes of an unpleasant illness can.

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