Principle of operation and design features of the oven

Often there is a situation when you need to quickly dry a large amount of laundry after washing, but there is no opportunity for that. Happy owners of drying cabinets do not have such problems. Technique really allows you to conduct life much more convenient. There is no need to look for a place on the battery or tediously hang out the laundry on the balcony. But the most important thing is that you can dry wet things very quickly.

The practicality of drying cabinets also lies in the fact that due to the special internal design, you can put different objects in them. You can dry not only underwear, but also shoes, hats and other things. There are also laboratory chambers for heat treatment of medical instruments, dishes and materials for experiments.

Principle of Operation

The drying cabinet is a metal chamber made of stainless steel, the inside of which is equipped with shelves for shoes, clothes and tools.The unit operates according to the principle of rapid conversion of moisture into steam and instantaneous discharge of hot air from the working area.

The device has a double bottom (on the ceiling or rear wall), where the heating elements and the fan are installed. When a certain temperature is reached, the air is supplied by the cooler to the chamber, then exhausted through the ventilation duct.

Each type of drying has its own temperature regime. So, clothes are usually dried at a temperature not exceeding 60 ° C, and laboratory specimens can be processed in a temperature range from 50 to 500 ° C.


 As mentioned above, we distinguish between drying cabinets for clothing and laboratory processing. To uniformly distribute the temperature throughout the workspace, a technique with forced and natural ventilation is produced. In the first case, air moves through the whole chamber, in the second - it is stretched into the ventilation duct. Drying cabinets are used in everyday life, in enterprises, in industry. The equipment for drying is widely used in hotels, kindergartens, sports facilities and in the workplace - everywhere,where you need to quickly dry large quantities of wet things.

In modern devices there is a special bar for hanging clothes. In the closet you can put both completely wet and previously wrung things, as well as shoes and sports equipment.

Laboratory devices are designed for disinfection, heating and sterilization of surgical instruments, glass and plastic utensils. This technique is widely used in hospitals, sanatoria, the pharmaceutical industry, research institutions, laboratories, aviation and engineering.

When choosing a drying cabinet, you should carefully familiarize yourself with its characteristics and capabilities. The first thing you need to pay attention to is how much things can dry the equipment in one cycle. Important criteria for selection are the temperature regime, power, the presence of a timer.

It is not superfluous to also inquire about the form of ventilation. For example, for clothes, preference should be given to natural stretching, while the laundry does not need preliminary spinning. All modern drying cabinets are equipped with an auto-shutdown function in case of overheating.

Advantages of Asko drying cabinets

Asko dryersDrying equipment from the Swedish manufacturer is very popular all over the world. Drying cabinets Asko looks like refrigerators, having approximately the same overall dimensions and color design. They are quite compact, since their width is only 600 mm, and the depth is in the range of 600-620 mm, the height ranges from 170 to 184 cm.

If you decide to purchase an Asko Oven, choose the most popular models here. The online store features appliances that can work in traditional or accelerated mode, in a cold way or with heating.

The cost of equipment depends on its configuration and functionality. However, it should be emphasized that Asko adheres to a weighted pricing policy and implements drying cabinets available to the public.

Each of the models of units for drying things equipped with a liquid crystal display, which provides all the necessary information about the selected modes. In addition, there are special hangers for gloves and clothes in the working chambers of the Asko technique.

The equipment is produced using advanced European technologies on modern equipment. When it is created, the highest quality materials and reliable components are used, which allows talking about the durability of Asko equipment. Control at all stages of production is an integral part of the process. The Swedish manufacturer does not doubt the quality of the produced equipment, so it provides a long-term guarantee.