Professional shampoos for hair: the whole truth

You have probably noticed more than once that after visiting a beauty salon, the appearance of your hair is noticeably different from everyday, they shine and shimmer, volumetric and obedient, as from a fashion magazine picture.

Of course, here, in many respects, is the work of your master, because if a person is really a professional in his field, then even the most damaged hair can be brought to a tolerable appearance.

Prof. means worth trying

But, what to hide, the second factor of such a pleasant effect is the use of professional hair care products, which, surely, you have been offered to buy more than once in a beauty salon.

Of course, the offer is tempting, but the price of such products is decent, which makes you think about the need and real effectiveness of the proposed shampoos and balms.

So, let's start with the fact that every girl dreams of being beautiful, many are willing to spend large sums on the fact that their dreams come true, which, by the way, helps the beauty industry to flourish day by day.

You may notice that recently the market for hair care products has expanded considerably, there has been a huge number of different manufacturers who offer some of their latest formulas and inventions that, according to them, should bring your hair into a decent shape.

A huge selection of tools

But here one must not forget the fact that every company, first of all, seeks to earn, not to deal with your problems, so, unfortunately, a large number of money investments are sent not to medical components and new formulas, but to advertising and beautiful packaging , which attract the consumer.

Most manufacturers divide all their products into two main lines: professional series and mass-market cosmetics, but everything depends on the brand, some of them focus exclusively on a specific look.

Products of the mass market are focused on the main layer of the consumer, often covers the main segment of problems and promises to eliminate them for a moderate fee.

But one way or another, the main goal of any production is to achieve maximum profit, therefore you cannot trust all those promises that are full of promotions and PR moves.

Remember once and for all, even the best professional shampoos for hair are not able to “cure” your hair, like any other means, they have only a temporary effect, it can just be longer and visible to our eyes.

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What makes professional shampoo different from ordinary shampoos?

As we have said, ordinary shampoos are targeted at a wide consumer, they are easy to find in mass sales, besides, their cost varies in the average range of reasonable.

What to hide, such tools are unlikely to help you in getting rid of dandruff or will deprive you of the perennial problems of hair loss, but it is quite possible to achieve additional volume or shine, though it is better to think once again which elements are added or not added to the general formula to achieve such effect.

What means for hair to choose

It is difficult to imagine that they can be useful or natural, rather, on the contrary. Ordinary shampoos do an excellent job with a single function - hygienic, which, in principle, is one of the most important in caring for hair.

What about professional hair care products? Probably the very first and most important thing that distinguishes real professional cosmetics from the usual, is the amount of active substances in the composition of the cosmetic.

With their help, the process of "improving" the state of your curls is faster and more active. Why in quotes? And the thing is,that hair problems need to be treated from the inside, if this is a fallout, then, most likely, the body lacks vitamins, if it is dandruff, then, quite possibly, it is allergic to some component of your shampoo or balm.

True, seasonal hair loss can be managed with professional shampoos, but you never know which manufacturer is right for you. What to speak about, burned with paint or multiple styling, hair, split ends or porous hair structure - such ailments only one sure way - sharp scissors.

Since professional cosmetics are focused on a narrow circle of consumers, such tools do not need mass advertising, they are used by those to whom they are really interesting or necessary. From here you can take a small advantage, which means that we are really paying for the shampoo itself, and not for a mad multitude of advertising posters and television commercials.

However, professional shampoos still have their undeniable advantages: there are special tools that can be used to preserve rich hair color for quite a long time,which is very nice when you have to constantly dye your hair, and with ordinary means, however you would like, you still wash out the color.

But remember that shampoos of this series must necessarily contain a dye pigment, without them even the most unique counterparts are not able to achieve the desired.

Special sunscreen professional shampoos are really able to protect against the negative effects of sunlight and sea salt, however, this effect is very temporary.

How often can I use a professional shampoo?

An important issue that needs attention. It turns out that professional tools can not be used constantly, because a large number of active substances in their composition can have a devastating effect on the scalp, which will lead to a dramatically opposite effect.

Professional series with a therapeutic effect should be constantly alternated with conventional means, and professional shampoo should not be used every time, but often for the fourth or fifth shampooing.

There is another branch of the line of professional care products - industrial shampoos, which are also often offered to clients in hairdressers and salons.

Choose proven brands

It turns out that such tools can not be used at home, they are intended for use after various chemicals, bleaching agents and dyes. If you regularly use these wonderful tools, you can greatly damage the balance of the scalp, overdrying the hair.

If you still decide to get a good professional shampoo, then be sure to study its composition and reviews of the selected series, perhaps it will be Estelle, Vella, Schwarzkopf or Loreal, the main thing is not to pursue the price, but the quality of the products.

Before you choose, consult with your master, he will be able to explain to you the rules of application of the selected tool, and also choose the option that best suits your hair type and will meet your requirements.

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