Rules and mistakes in the first training session

If you decide to lead a healthy lifestyle and start going to the gym, then go to the training responsibly to avoid mistakes and get the most out of it.

Everyone is wrong or what not to do in training

Training will be effective and useful for the body only if you organize them correctly. But many people think that they know everything themselves and make the following mistakes:

  1. Too long first workout. If you decide to spend at least an hour or more in the gym, such as a friend who has been training for several months, then you are greatly mistaken. Even if you are vigorous, strong and feel your potential, your muscles do not work as intensively as during exercise, especially on simulators. And in the end you will get overwork and severe body pains for the next week (sometimes they even limit mobility).
  2. Too difficult or intense exercise.Self-confidence in this case will become your enemy or even lead to injury if you perform certain movements incorrectly.
  3. Incorrect food. If you go to the gym, have a solid lunch, then you run the risk of decreasing efficiency and causing heaviness in the stomach. And if you decide to eat immediately after a workout, you will reduce the entire effect to nothing. But it is also undesirable and harmful to train on an empty stomach.
  4. Lack of water. It may seem to you that during an hour of training you do not want to drink, especially in many gyms air conditioners are working, which will reduce the likelihood of increased sweating. But you will definitely sweat and, therefore, lose fluid, which can lead to dehydration (for beginners, it develops especially quickly).
  5. Unsuitable clothing. Beginners often rely not on comfort, but on appearance, which then suffer.
  6. Excessive shyness. If you think about how you look, you will not be able to immerse yourself in the process and be productive. Also, many are embarrassed to engage in complex simulators or shells just because they do not know how to do it.
  7. Revaluation opportunities.You should not consider yourself strong and be self-confident. Even if it seems to you that you can do it, it is not necessary for the first time to give all the best, it is fraught with unpleasant consequences.
  8. Revaluation of knowledge. Do not consider yourself knowledgeable and intelligent, because professional coaches learn and have knowledge. And even if you studied the information, not the fact that it is reliable (especially if the source of the data was the Internet).
  9. Lack of strategy and goals. If you don’t understand why you need training, and also do it just to know that you are making an effort, this will not give the expected results.
  10. Not enough effort. It is important to try not only to achieve muscle tension, but also the correctness of all exercises.

How to conduct the first workout correctly?

So, what should we do to make the first class in the gym so comfortable, efficient, useful and safe?

What not to do?

  • To do chaotically on all simulators in a row.
  • Ignore the advice of the coach.
  • Trying to "squeeze all the juice out of yourself", that is, to train for wear.
  • Do too complicated exercises or choose large weights (this applies to strengthtraining).
  • Engage after a hearty breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • There is immediately after exercise.
  • Train mindlessly.
  • Give undue influence to your appearance.
  • Immediately begin the basic exercises.
  • Perform exercises mindlessly.
  • To be engaged on an empty stomach.

What do we have to do?

  • An hour before a workout, refresh yourself, preferably with foods containing complex carbohydrates and proteins, for example, curds with mussels.
  • Seek help from a coach and listen to his recommendations. If you do not understand something, be sure to ask a specialist. If he is not in the gym, then it is advisable to hire an individual trainer and work out with him at least once (or better a few).
  • Be more confident. Do not be shy of your body, because you came to the gym to improve it, and this is worthy of respect. And if the simulator seems to you to be some kind of complicated unit, be sure to ask how to use it.
  • Start training no less than an hour and a half after eating, and snacking only an hour after class.
  • Drink during exercise. Any athlete or experienced amateur knows that there should always be a water bottle nearby.
  • Do not try to give everything to the maximum, for the first time 15-20 minutes will be enough.
  • Soberly assess your capabilities and strength. If you feel that you have started to "exhale", rest, change the exercise to a simpler and neutral or stop training.
  • Develop a strategy and define goals. Decide what you need training for: slimming, maintaining a healthy spirit, or for giving muscle relief. And based on the goals, develop an action plan, and preferably together with a specialist.
  • Pick up comfortable clothes and think not about their attractiveness, but about comfort.
  • Begin training with a warm-up, for example, with slopes or walking. A lesson should end with relaxing exercises calm.
  • In the first training it is better to sit at the mirror, in order to be able to control the correctness of the performance of all exercises. And be sure to try!

Now your first training will be perfect and will be useful and effective, and you, taking into account everything written above, do not make silly mistakes.

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