Sberbank: how to disable the "Mobile Bank"?

A mobile bank is a service provided to bank card holders by a bank magnate like Sberbank. How to disable the mobile bank? Most card users have subscribed to this service not aware of the monthly commission. And now they want to unsubscribe from the service, because it is more comfortable and cheaper to use Internet banking. Anyway, everybody may have a question: how to turn off this automatic SMS alert? After all, if it is not necessary, so why pay for it? Let it be a small amount ...

Connecting an additional option "Mobile Bank" is offered along with the registration of a plastic card in Sberbank of Russia. It helps with the help of sms-notifications, which came to your mobile phone, to get information about the balance of your account, and its replenishment, and vice versa, withdrawing funds from your card.

You need to have:

  • statement;
  • agreement on the offer;
  • plastic card.


  1. How to disable the service “mobile bank” Sberbank? The Mobile Bank feature is not considered free. If this function does not suit you or you do not need this service, you can refuse it. Disconnection from the “Mobile Bank” should be made on the basis of the cardholder’s application (within three working days from the moment of registration of the application).
  2. It is required to go to any of the departments of the Savings Bank of Russia to apply. Show your passport and the agreement to register a plastic card or the card itself. After the service is turned off, an alert should be sent to your mobile phone in the form of a message confirming the offer (service) is disabled.
  3. You can also disable the Mobile Bank service by calling the Savings Bank support service on your phone. In Moscow, you need to call these numbers: +7 (495) 788-92-72 or +7 (495) 500-00-05. These phones operate around the clock. You can call one of these numbers and explain the meaning of your phone call. Provide all relevant information before following the operator’s instructions. The Mobile Bank service will be turned off within 3 business days.

Is it worth it

If there is Sberbank online, is it advisable to turn off Mobile Bank? Consider the pros and cons, deciding whether to limit the lack of services "Mobile Bank". In addition to the account details (although, of course, it is possible to see the account at an ATM, but this is sometimes extremely inconvenient), this feature will help warn you about various unauthorized access to your card. For example, you will receive an SMS notifying you that the n-th amount of money has been withdrawn from your cash account, and you will immediately understand that it was not you, but the fraudster who took the money, and you can call the police in time and block the card. On the one hand, this may seem unlikely, but fraudsters, as you know, are not asleep. For example, they often put cameras on ATMs to photograph your pincode. And sometimes getting a card is not a problem, because many people use public transport with its crowds of people rushing to work. That and look you can lose vigilance ...

Therefore, for such a small amount, it may be worthwhile to worry about the security of your financial assets. In the end, the miser pays twice, or even thrice.