Series of August: 3 cool sequels and 5 good premieres

The series “Better Call Saul” is no longer perceived as the younger brother of the “Breaking Bad” series. Spin-off about the cunning lawyer Sol Gudman became a separate project, revealed new faces of the hero and holds the brand for the fourth season. "Better call Sol" is beautifully called the best prequel on television, yes, something more steep can not be remembered. The series was conceived as a black comedy, but now it's a full-fledged criminal drama with conflicts of almost Shakespearean power.

"Lodge 49"

Exit: August 5

The former surfer, who lost his father, joins the fraternal order and sees life in a new light. Details of the plot are unknown, but the trailer intrigues and promises a pleasant spectacle for fans of independent comedies about losers. In the title role, Kurt Russell's son and Goldie Hawn - Wyatt Russell.


Exit: August 10

Fat Patty was bullied and mobilized at school, so much so that she was afraid to leave the house.In one summer, she lost weight and became an ideal beauty. Only she does not need popularity and universal recognition, the heart of the former chubby is eager for revenge. Netflix has already been convicted of fatscheming, and even started to sign a petition to ban the series. We are waiting for August 10 to assess how scary everything is.


Exit: August 17

New animated series from the creator of "The Simpsons" and "Futurama" Matt Greining.

The action takes place in a fabulous medieval kingdom, the main characters are Princess Bean and her assistant friends: a cute elf and a sarcastic demon. The young princess does not want to get married, but she loves to drink and dreams of traveling. In general, mix the “Game of Thrones” with the “Simpsons”, shake it up and look with pleasure.

Mr. Mercedes, Season 2

Exit: August 22

This summer is permeated with the atmosphere of Stephen King’s novels. In July, the long-awaited “Castle Rock” was released, where scenes of King's stories combined in a fictional town were combined into a hodgepodge format. In August, the second season of "Mr. Mercedes" with a colorful Brandan Gleason comes out.

In the first season of Mr. Mercedes, the drunk, retired detective Bill Goghes alone confronted the killer psychopath. In the second season, Bill looks better, he even founded his agency. In addition to the main investigation, he will face again with the villain from the first season.


Exit: August 24

Adolescents in love, Harry and June, run away from their parents pressing on them to live as they want. At liberty, it turns out that the fragile white-skinned June has supernormal abilities that bring her nothing but trouble. It is especially unpleasant when Jun moves to the body of a homeless bearded guy.

"Jack Ryan"

Exit: August 31

John Krasinski will play CIA agent Jack Ryan. Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine have already embodied this hero, invented by writer Tom Clancy. The series promises not to repeat itself, but to tell a new story of Jack Ryan. Action moved in our days. The CIA analyst, who spends most of his time with papers and writes reports, goes into operational work, flies to Yemen and is well managed with international terrorists.John Krasinski, whom we still remember in The Office, looks great in action, but he doesn’t lose some kind of puppy almost. The series has already been extended for the second season, in which there will be another star - Numi Rapas.

Ozark, Season 2

Exit: August 31

The first season of "Ozarka" was just excellent and many reminded "In all serious." The main character, an accountant, Marty (Jason Bateman), laundered a lot of money for the drug mafia. But his colleague betrayed him, and Marty was trapped. Now his task is to make a very tidy sum as clean as possible, otherwise the mob will destroy him. Shaky with horror, but an enterprising financial adviser with his family goes to Lake Ozark, bringing to life a not too confident plan.