Sharp headache: how to get rid of it

Whenhurtshead, you need to do facial gymnastics. She will help you get rid of the pain. Exercises are aimed at relaxing the main facial muscles (face), as well as the muscles of the scalp.
Quickly raise your eyebrows, then relax them and lower them down. After that, in turn, raise the right eyebrow first and lower, and then the left. This movement is not easy to perform. So start with the fact that when raising one eyebrow, hold the other in place.
Mow both eyes closed, and then relax: do it quickly first, then hold back a little and relax.
Bend your left eye as much as possible and relax. At the same time, press down on the left side of the face so that the corner of the mouth rises. Then do the same with the right side of the face.
Frown deeply and relax. After that, push down on the eyebrows and slightly move them down towards the nose.
Yawn widely: open your mouth very slowly, and then gradually lower the lower jaw. Close your mouth slowly.
Wrinkle your nose - imagine that you are sniffing something unpleasant. Make faces like a little kid.
You can also get rid ofheadpains using traditional medicine methods. To do this, anoint menthol oil temples, forehead, area behind the ears and the back of the head.
Pour a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon with two tablespoons of hot water. Then sweeten the resulting liquid and let it brew for half an hour. After that, take it in two sips every hour until the pain disappears.
Take one tablespoon of dried herb Hypericum and fill it with a glass of boiling water. Then put the mixture in a cool place for 30 minutes. After that, drink it in a quarter cup at least three times a day.