What is a partitioned dish?

If before professional dishes and servings were available only to public catering establishments, today any housewife can buy them in shops, having tried in her kitchen. One of these table dishes is a partitioned dish. Those who have repeatedly visited cafes and restaurants, most likely, managed to appreciate its convenience and aesthetic appearance. And for those who do not know anything about it, we have prepared a short educational program.

Useful novelty for your kitchen

First, let's define in terms. The term “partitioned dish” is derived from the French word “melanger”, which in translation means “to mix”. But this wonderful kitchen fixture is just the opposite - it does not allow several products to mix in one dish.

It represents a dish that can have a different shape (round, oval, square), and is divided into several sections.

Sometimes it can be a large plate, in which several small portions are put.

After the appearance of such a novelty, a convenient idea was immediately taken to "arming" the airline, using, thus, to serve dishes on the "buffet". This significantly saved the place and time of serving / changing dishes. Later, such useful dishes migrated to catering establishments, and soon to the kitchen of ordinary housewives.

It was originally intended for salads, each component of which was laid out in a separate section, and the sauce was poured inside. They had to look like this when serving, and during the meal all the products were mixed, with which the meaning of the French term is connected.

Sections in this embodiment, as a rule, four. But there are plates, divided into two, and even ten parts.

The main materials for the manufacture of partitioned fabrics are porcelain and glass, but it can also be plastic, wood, ceramics and even metal.

Such dishes should be purchased by those who want to create a special style on a festive table, because its individual parts, made in different colors, look very original. And options with decorative author's list will be an excellent gift for any celebration.

What to put?

Possible product compositions depend on the number of sections:

  • two - main course and side dish;
  • three - four - cuts and snacks;
  • five - six - components of a salad or vegetables with a sauce.

There are also longline options on which you can beautifully arrange desserts.

It is definitely worth buying this serving item if you like to experiment and surprise your family and friends with unusual and beautiful snacks, each of which will take a separate, worthy place and retain its mouth-watering look.

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