Slimming in glucofazhem

As part of "Glyukofazh" there is an active substance Metformin, which reduces blood sugar levels. The second effect of the drug is the effect on body fat, they are destroyed and burned. Diabetics were the first to see the positive effect of the drug on the state of body weight. And due to the fact that the majority of people suffering from this disease have problems with being overweight, they quickly assessed the effect of taking the pills.
Among the advantages of using the drug note:
- slowing down the process of splitting carbohydrates in the body, resulting in the formation of fat cells is not so fast;
- restoration of lipid metabolism, impaired as a result of excess weight;
- return to normal levels of glucose and "harmful" cholesterol in the blood;
- reduction of sweets for sweets due to the fact that the process of insulin production comes to natural indicators and, as a result, appetite suppression
For those who decide to take "Glucophage", the most important will be to correctly correct the diet and adhere to the daily regimen.A strict diet while taking this drug is not necessary, but obligatory. Having set a goal - to lose weight with the help of "Glucophage", you must also do the following:
- exclude from the diet all that can increase the level of glucose in the blood. This is, first of all, sugar, as well as absolutely everything sweet;
- refuse fast carbs - no buns, cakes and other delicacies. Even a single ingestion of a prohibited product can negate all efforts;
- constantly enrich your diet with foods that contain a lot of fiber - vegetables, legumes, etc.
Experts advise to choose an individual low-calorie diet and strictly follow it. The maximum amount of calories received should not exceed 1800.In addition, it is necessary to abandon alcohol in any form, to exclude even those drinks where the alcohol content seems to be minimal. Smoking also has a significant negative impact on the effect of metformin.
At the same time, it is necessary to increase daily physical activities and maintain an active lifestyle. Most recently, it was believed that sport and the adoption of the drug are incompatible.It was believed that the effectiveness of the drug is reduced due to the increased level of acidity in the blood from stress. However, after conducting more thorough research, scientists concluded that it is an active lifestyle that helps speed up the process of confident fat burning.
If you follow the instructions for use, side effects from taking the drug can be avoided. However, there are several direct contraindications:
- diabetes mellitus type 1;
- pregnancy, lactation;
- diseases of the heart and kidneys;
- alcoholism;
- recovery period after surgery.
Side effects that may accompany the reception of "Glyukofazh", similar to the usual symptoms of poisoning. This is a headache, nausea, increased gas, diarrhea, fever, severe weakness, abdominal cramps, vomiting.When these symptoms appear, it is recommended to immediately reduce the dosage by half. If no improvement is observed, an urgent appeal to a doctor is necessary.
Such manifestations are possible at the beginning of the course or with the wrong dosage of the drug. Sometimes symptoms occur when you refuse to follow a diet and eat foods that are saturated with carbohydrates.