Spectacular makeup for green eyes

Green eyes have long been famous for their magical and hypnotic properties. In the Middle Ages, such girls were so afraid that they were burned at the stake, ostensibly for witchcraft skills. Time is ticking, but the green-eyed are still afraid. They say that a girl with green eyes can bewitch a man for the rest of her life only with the look of her beautiful, magical and unusual eyes. By the way, men call such eyes in girls the most attractive and sexy.

Properly selected and executed makeup can make the look even more magical and attractive. The main thing is to know how to make up green eyes. This color is considered the most difficult in terms of makeup selection. But, thanks to the advice of professional makeup artists and cosmetologists, every girl will be able to cope with a difficult task.

Select the color of the shadows

Green-eyed girls should abandon the experiments in day makeup and stop at the green color of the shadows.But do not be upset, with the help of many of its shades, you will be able to create different, new and unique makeup every day. Olive, light green, dark green, yellow green, turquoise, rich green, emerald - these are not all shades that you can use in your original eye makeup. For evening eye makeup, the choice of the color of the shadows is much more extensive. Experiment with all sorts of shades of brown. In the evening make-up for green eyes look great chocolate shade, copper with a golden hue and light brown. And also pay attention to beige, peach and dark purple colors.

We select a pencil or eyeliner

If you decide to do makeup for green eyes using a pencil or eyeliner, then stop your choice on a dark brown or ash-gray color. Black will make your eyes smaller and distract attention from the original color. If you would like to enlarge your eyes, draw the lower eyelid with a white pencil. Do not forget that in order for makeup for the green-eyed to be perfectly smooth and beautiful, you can use the secret of visage and apply a light foundation to the eyelid The toning should be 1-2 tones lighter than the color of your face.