Stone Wedding

Stone wedding is celebrated after seventy-five years and a half of the joint family life. Such a long and strong union, of course, is a delight, it is worthy of imitation and respect. As a rule, the celebration that the spouses themselves do not want to celebrate too luxuriantly becomes the stone wedding - they would rather like to be with their family and remember how it all began. No wonder the proverb says that time can destroy almost any stone, but before love it is powerless.

When it turns 67, 5 years of wedding - Stone wedding is celebrated. It is about the anniversary, on which the faithful spouses receive congratulations and warm wishes to live together for a long time. Not every couple is destined to live together until such a significant date.

Time can destroy much, even cold stones. But nothing can erase the love of two people who have lived together for so many years and have gone through a lot. If it is possible, the couple should go to the nearest church, thanking all the Saints there for the blessings they sent and asking for health for future years of living together.

Wife and husband passed the test of time and adversity.Every year their love only grew stronger and grew. And so a 67, 5 year old wedding, Stone Wedding, can be celebrated. So many years lived together in peace and harmony, only confirm the correctness of the once perfect choice, indicate that two people were literally created for each other - otherwise their union would not have lasted so long. Selecting a gift for this couple for the anniversary, you can give your preference to good jewelry made of semi-precious stones, based on the name of the anniversary.

The interior items decorated with any rocks will also be a good present; interesting vases or talismans will also please the heroes of the occasion. True collectors will appreciate handmade pendants or figurines. It is necessary to build on the tastes of the spouses themselves. A presented gift must necessarily reflect the spirit of celebration and constantly remind you of the stone-strong feelings of two people.

Quite often, their relatives decide not to adhere to the main symbols of the anniversary and give the spouses what they want to receive. By the way, if in the near future a marriage is scheduled for one of your family members, you should ask those who celebrate the anniversary to bless the bride and groom,give instructions for a happy family life.

Now you know which wedding is celebrated for 67.5 years of marriage and what you need to give on this anniversary :).