The best names for parrots

If you have a parrot, then do not rush to begin to teach his speech. First, select a name for this pet. But how to do that? Let's give some recommendations and useful advice.

How to choose a name for a parrot?

Many people think that choosing a name for a parrot is simple and easy. But this is not at all the case. Firstly, the pet itself must get used to its name and learn it. Secondly, talking parrot breeds often speak about themselves in the third person and always mention the name, so it is important that the pet is able to pronounce the name.

Funny friends

Thirdly, all family members will call the parrot by name, and if the nickname will cut off the ears or cause disgust, then nothing good will come of it. So take your choice responsibly.

So how can you call a parrot? What is worth paying attention to when choosing a name for a parrot? There are several important points, let us dwell in more detail on each of them.


This item may seem obvious, but sometimes it is very difficult to determine the sex of a parrot, especially if it is very small.If in doubt, you can wait a bit.

But doubts can remain even after several weeks, and the pet cannot remain without a name. So it is best to seek help from a specialist, he will accurately determine the floor. Otherwise, there is a risk to call the boy a female name, and the girl - male.


The size of the bird is also worth considering. Agree, it would be ridiculous and ridiculous if a tiny parrot will be called Sylvester or El Salvador. So if the bird has impressive dimensions, then you can choose for it some sonorous and long name (but not too long). A little parrot is more suitable short nickname or some diminutive name.



The pronunciation of the name is also very important, and not so much for the owners, as for the bird itself. Hearing and vocal cords parrots are very different from human. And the fact that people seem simple and easy to pronounce, the bird may seem very difficult. Some parrots remember sounds quickly, while others practically do not perceive. Here are some tips:

  • Almost all talking breeds of parrots love hissing sounds, such as "sh", "u", "h", "g".
  • It is worth choosing nicknames with rough voiced consonants, such as "d" or "g". The letter "B" in the name may also be present, but it will be given to the pet somewhat more difficult.
  • Some deaf consonants are also quite easy for many birds to master. It can be sounds "to", "f", "n".
  • Almost all parrots love to growl, so that the name must certainly contain the letter "P".
  • Open and drawing vowels are preferred: “a”, “i”, “e”, “y”, “e”.
  • But in-depth vowels, such as "o", "u", "e", "I" are absorbed much more difficult.
  • Avoid the sonorous consonants, which include the sounds "l", "m", "n".
  • The whistling sounds of parrots are also quite difficult, so avoid the letters "C," C "," Z ".
  • Important and combinations of sounds. They should not be too complicated. So, you should not choose nicknames with complex consonants standing nearby, it will be difficult for a bird to pronounce its name.
  • Remember that a pet can often and loudly pronounce his name, so choose nicknames that sound nice to the ears and not abruptly, otherwise you will constantly be annoyed and nervous.


Breed pet is also worth considering. So, budgerigar is better called a simple name.First, the birds of this breed are small. Secondly, this breed is trained, but not easy.

Many sounds are given to these birds with difficulty. But the corella is capable, intelligent and talented, like infernalists or Jacobs. In addition, this breed is distinguished by outstanding external data. So for such a pet you can choose a beautiful, sonorous and a longer name.

Habits and character

If you took a pretty adult, then watch the pet. Perhaps some habits, habits and traits of the bird's character will become a hint for you. So, if the parrot is important, prudent and cautious, then give it some serious name. And if the pet is naughty, funny and mobile, choose funny nicknames.

The name should be sonorous

It is worth noting that it is difficult to identify the quality of the chick, as they are all funny, silly and clumsy. And, giving at a young age a nickname describing the character, you run the risk of finding a pet in front of you with very different habits. So either wait a little, or give a neutral name that does not affect the habits.


Take a look at your pet. Probably you will immediately come up with some nickname.For example, a green parrot can be called Gena (in honor of the famous crocodile). Green female name Yolkoy. Bright birds of Rosella, Laurie or Ara can wear unusual names, emphasizing unusual and catchy appearance.


A few tips for the owners about choosing a name for the parrot:

  • Do not name your pet with a name that resembles or matches the name of a family member, relative or friend. In this case, funny situations and confusions are inevitable. Also, the nickname should not be similar to the nicknames of other pets living in the house.
  • If you have purchased a pair, you can choose their well-known paired names, such as Boni and Clyde.
  • Remember the names of famous personalities, perhaps you choose something interesting.
  • If you could not determine the sex of the individual, choose neutral names: Ricky, Mickey, Hipo, Willie and others.
  • If the parrot does not know how to talk, then you can choose almost any name, but not too long for the pet to remember it and begin to respond. Simple human names such as Peter, Stepan, Kesha, Hera and others will do.
  • Try on a nickname. Call your pet's chosen name and follow its response.If the parrot does not respond to the name, try to say it with intonation or louder. If that didn’t work either, change the name by choosing something else.
  • To make the parrot get used to the nickname more quickly and start responding to it automatically, communicate more with the pet, calling it by name. Say the nickname clearly and loudly, but at the same time gently and gently.
  • Do not choose double names. The parrot will respond to such a name, but only when you use its full version.
  • If you want to teach your pet to an abbreviated version of the nickname, do it right away. But many birds find it difficult to remember two names, so it is better to choose a simpler and affectionate name at once.



We offer you ideas of names:

  • Names for females of intelligent and well-trained breeds (Jaco, Karel and others): Assol, Beatrice, Bertha, Zlata, Dinara, Erica, Jasper, Jennifer, Mirabella, Tifani, Penelope, Elvira, Rosetta.
  • Names for "smart" males: Sylvester, Frederic, Maximus, Artut, Isaac, Ludovic, Philip, Jupiter, Nelson, Neuron, Einstein, Tristan, Perseus, Hercules, Zeus.
  • Simple nicknames for boys: Gesha, Arkasha, Dyusha, Grisha, Gosha, Tosh, Prosh, Yash, Petrusha.
  • Simple names for girls: Arisha, Dasha, Chika, Shusha, Chi-Chi, Arisha, Chika, Agasha, Rita, Shura, Kivi.

Take responsibility for choosing a name for your parrot so that he quickly gets used to the nickname and responds to it.

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