The rules of a minimalist wardrobe

Katarina Kudryashova

Katarina Kudryashova,
stylist, blogger

The epoch of consumerism, that is, thoughtless consumption, has passed. If earlier many were praised by the size of their dressing rooms, now, on the contrary, they proudly talk about how little they need. Buying for the sake of purchase or as a means of stress does not work anymore: we began to pay more attention to money, not to pursue trends, but to adopt only the most interesting and applicable to our style. In the end, the eternal problem of "nothing to wear" when tired of things closets tired already and their owners - I just wanted to open my wardrobe, without thinking to take a few things, put on and go to work, an important meeting or a date. This works partly with a basic wardrobe, but it’s too boring. In this regard, minimalism is a reasonable compromise between the comfort of basic things and ultrafashionable trends.

3 rules of minimalist wardrobe

Queen of minimalism Phoebe Philo left Céline, but we have mastered her dictated philosophy: you can dress in completely ordinary classical things and look cool.And it is very important for residents of the metropolis, when in the morning you go to work, in the afternoon you have several business meetings, and in the evening - an event, a concert or a meeting with friends. Minimalism is universal and appropriate in any situation.

Here are a few rules that will help create a cool minimalist wardrobe.

Classic, but not that

It's all about the details. The main thing - to collect your own capsule wardrobe, things that are easily combined with each other. In this regard, classic things are a win-win. And in order not to turn into a gray mouse, you should bet on interesting details. For example, a regular striped shirt can be bare-shouldered, a classic jacket can be several sizes larger, and a T-shirt looks like a sweatshirt and too voluminous.