These 5 tips will help organize all your garden tools.

The joy of the cottager can spoil one detail - scattered garden tools, even if in one place. If the storage system on the site is not properly organized, this spoils the general view of the site. In addition, it can be difficult to find something in a mess that you rarely use. We offer you 5 simple ideas that will help organize a storage system for garden tools.


It is very convenient to use any design on which it will be possible to hang garden tools. For this purpose a broken rake is perfect. You can purchase small iron hooks or make them yourself in order to attach them to the board, and the board to the wall.


With the help of a small magnet, you can create an organized storage system without any difficulties. In addition, the magnet looks attractive, completely “merging” into the company of garden tools.

A shelf

A small construction of wooden planks near the wall will collect all the garden tools in one place. You can choose the shape and size of the structure for you, taking into account how many garden tools you have.


Today they are sold in every major store with household goods. One such basket is enough to fold all the small garden tools. In addition, it looks quite attractive.


It can be created from an old bag that you have not used for a long time, attaching several pockets and an elastic band there. In addition, such bags are also available in hypermarkets, and moreover they are inexpensive. But how much benefit they bring to the summer resident!