To dream a garden: the interpretation of a dream

The garden often dreams of the upcoming work. But sometimes it displays a state of mind.

Small Veles dream

Stroll around the garden between the beds - to success or work.

Large harvest - to wealth, but if the beds are empty - you are waiting for poverty and difficult times.

To plant seedlings - to the execution of planned affairs and well-being.

Modern dream book

Watering the garden - a warning. You need to bear in mind that the success of your enterprise depends not so much on your efforts, as on external circumstances and other people.

To dream of a garden with dry and stunted seedlings warns that fate gives you another opportunity to change your life. But it all depends on you. If you miss this chance, there will be no repetition.

A vegetable garden with lush greenery and rich harvest suggests that you need to do more than talk and dream. Your dreams and desires will not come true if you continue in the same spirit. If a boy or girl has seen such a dream, let them know that there are many obstacles on their way to their marriage.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Walk around the garden - to the big things and troubles.

Vegetable beds - your ambitious plans and dreams come true. To plant a garden - to fulfill your desires. Waiting for you well-being and success.

Dream and Dmitri and Hope of Winter

To dream of someone else's garden - you have to come into contact with strangers and their affairs, although you do not like it.

Garden in a dream - a display of your personal life. The better the garden looks, the better for you.

Stunted and abandoned garden says that you have a lot of problems inside and they need to be addressed.