Travel to the world of comfort with the editor Planoplan

Computer technology is attracting users into the future with leaps and bounds - what used to be simply impossible, has become commonplace today. So, if quite recently, consumers needed the services of a professional designer to comfortably equip their home or office, but now, thanks to the new developments of the interactive agency Kelnik, any user can dive into the wonderful world of design and awaken creative abilities.

Immediately it should be said about the indisputable advantages of the program PLANOPLAN - unlike its "colleagues", this image editor is easy to use and does not require any special skills from a novice designer to master it. The incredibly convenient and very simple interface, with which you can change the appearance of any room in a matter of minutes beyond recognition, is designed in such a way that even a child can use it.By the way, if you let your sorcerer work with the Planoplan program, it is quite possible that this will be the beginning of his brilliant career as an interior designer.

For the novice user, an editor library is provided in which a lot of templates are located - it is them that can, for a start, be taken as the main project. If we just want to make a furniture reshuffle in the room, it will be enough for us to move the virtual furniture items with the mouse until the ideal variant, in our opinion, is reached. After viewing our creation from all possible angles, and being satisfied with the result, we can take a screenshot of the resulting interior and move on to the next room.

So, consistently, we completely change the appearance of our house, then to proceed to real changes. Agree, it is much more convenient than doing the same time-consuming actions without prior preparation. Those who started a more extensive redevelopment, using PLAN, can not only change the wallpaper on the walls, change the ceiling and floor covering in a flash,but also to push the walls, move them to a new place or remove them altogether, getting a clear picture of how their apartment will look like after these actions.

And on top of that I want to say that the work with the editor is carried out both online and by downloading it to a hard lawsuit. At the same time, you don’t even need a particularly powerful computer, since all the information goes to the server for processing, which has the necessary capacity.