Useful properties and contraindications of red viburnum

Deciduous bush viburnum viburnum, traditional for gardens and forests, is honored by the Russian people for their beauty and nobility, as well as for the healing properties they possessall parts of a plant. From the flowers and bark, leaves, fruits and bones are prepared infusions, decoctions, juices, teas, they are used fresh. In this article we will look at the beneficial healing properties and contraindications of the red viburnum berries - knowingwhat is the use and harm of Viburnum red, it is possible to replace chemical pills with these rich gifts of nature, improve health, get rid of many ailments.

First of all, the shrub attracts attention with bright fruits: beta-carotene is responsible for the rich red color of the berries. And, of course, everyone knows the notorious bitterness of these bright red beads - it is given by a unique substance, viburnin (by the way, viburnum sounds like viburnum opulus in Latin).Below is a photo of berries and plants of red viburnum:

photos of berries and plants of red viburnum

Ripe red viburnum

Useful in many diseases, ubiquitous, with excellent healing properties - in this article you will learnall about Kalina red.

What helps red viburnum?

The berries and flowers of the shrub, bark and juice are rich in organic acids, tannins, carotene, a significant amount of vitamins C and P, pectin - this variety allows you to use viburnum for the treatment and prevention of many diseases, as well as in cosmetology:

  • due todiuretic actionViburnum red in hypertension and in the event of puffiness due to a disruption of the kidneys is an excellent means of traditional medicine - excess fluid is removed from the body, pressure in the blood vessels is reduced, work of the urinary tract and the heart muscle is normalized;
  • effective wound healing and even gastric ulcers dueantiseptic and astringent ingredients;
  • in the postoperative, rehabilitation after the painful period, viburnum tea will helprecuperationandstrengthen the immune system;
  • for treatmentcolitis and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract(gastritis, ulcers, etc.),atherosclerosis;
  • with nasalbleeding,colds and bronchitis, sore throats, asthma;
  • for painin the liver and heart;
  • for weight lossand the preservation of the harmony of the figure;
  • for diseasesoral cavity- stomatitis, bleeding gums;
  • Red viburnumfor faceuseful for skin rashes, rashes and acne.

In addition, viburnum, despite its natural bitterness, has found application andin cooking- Meat dishes, infusions, decoctions, jams, kissels, desserts, sweets, wines are not only tasty, but also useful.

viburnum red is useful for hypertension

Flowering varietal red viburnum

To contraindicationsUse of red viburnum in any form include:

  • the use of the viburnumduring pregnancycan lead to allergic reactions, and in some cases, abortion;
  • viburnum is prohibitedwith increased blood viscosityand high coagulation index - it is capable of provoking thrombosis;
  • treatment with kalinovy ​​broths and infusions is not recommended for somekidney disease, gout, diseased joints, increased acidity of the stomach;
  • when appearingskin allergies and rashshould stop taking viburnum;
  • such a successful treatment of hypertension viburnum can cause fainting in peoplelow blood pressure.

Prior to the regular intake of viburnum for medicinal purposes, it is recommended to consult with your doctor

What are the benefits of red viburnum berries for men?

Despite the fact that red viburnum is traditionally considered a "female" berry, infusions and decoctions of fruit pulp will be useful for men:

  • tonic organism effects, prevention of the formation of oncological diseases;
  • treatment of diseases of the stomach and liver, constipation, tuberculosis, diseases of the heart and blood vessels common among men;
  • beriberi prophylaxis;
  • colds, which men are more likely to women.

Men are less sensitive to the bitterness of viburnum medicines than women

Medical recipes for cooking red viburnum

The medicinal properties of the berries allow it to be used in various forms -infusions, decoctions, jams, juices, fresh, etc.. Here are the most popular recipes from red viburnum for therapeutic purposes:

  1. From the flu and colds will help collection.In equal shares: crushed inflorescences of viburnum, flowers of yellow tansy, red clover and lilacs, leaves of garden raspberry, thyme, meadowsweet, grassy yasnotka, crushed licorice root. The mixture is thoroughly mixed, brewed with boiling water at the rate of 20 ml of water per 1 tbsp. l. vegetable collection, insulated and insulated. Accepted ½ cup 3-4 times a day.
  2. Effective prevention of cancer tumors.In equal parts, freshly prepared viburnum juice and bee honey are mixed to a uniform consistency. Should take 2 tbsp. l. 3-4 times a day. The tool is stored in a cold place.
  3. Infusion for the treatment of chronic gastritis and increased acidity of the stomach. To collect in equal parts is taken crushed bark of viburnum, roots of sweet clover and calamus, seeds of cumin, leaves of large-flowered initial letter, mint and strawberries, plantain, chamomile inflorescences. The crushed mixture is thoroughly mixed, poured boiling water (per 1 tablespoon. Of collecting 200 ml of water), insulated, filtered through the cooled. Accepted ½ cup 3 times a day.
  4. When hypertension is preparing a decoction of pounded ripe berries. 2 tbsp. l.gruel poured 200 ml of hot boiled water, under a lid in a water bath is aged for 15 minutes. The cooled broth is filtered and pressed; the pulp should not be thrown away - 1/3 cup of broth with pulp is taken before meals. At increased pressure, it will be useful to consume fresh berries along with bones - for ¼ cup per day.

Recipes from red viburnum for the treatment of various: this is fresh berries, and decoctions of bark, inflorescences and fruit pulp in combination with other useful medicinal plants -from almost any diseaseThis bitter berry can help.

red viburnum for treatment

The berries of Kalina are used in folk recipes

When to collect viburnum red?

On the backyards, viburnum bushes are rare, most often berries, leaves, bark for fresh consumption, in the form of infusions, juices and decoctionsharvested from wild shrubs.

To reduce the specific bitter taste characteristic of the fruit, it is recommended to organize collection afterberries grab the first frost- viburnum becomes more tasty, bitterness will pass in a small pleasant astringency. The fruits collected before the first frost will be bitter and tasteless, besides, there will be much more useful substances in the frozen berries.

pick viburnum red after frost

After the first frost

If there is no opportunity to wait for frosts, then viburnum collected on warm autumn dayscan be put in the freezer- The effect will be the same, and the berries can be taken out of the freezer and processed as needed.

What can be made from red viburnum?

There are many recipes for cooking dishes from viburnum and, with its addition as an ingredient, we will focus on the most popular and simple, tasty and healthy for the body.

Kalina red with honeyit is easy to prepare, and its healing and healing effect is really impressive, it is especially effective for hypertension. Broths and infusions of viburnum with honey, juices and teas, fruit drinks and other drinks have a beneficial effect on the heart, dilates blood vessels, improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune system. The most simple in preparation is vitamin tea and juice: honey and juice of viburnum berries are mixed in equal shares, such tea (juice) 1 st. l. 3 times a day before the main meal.

Tincture of red viburnumperformed on vodka, sometimes with honey or sugar. For tincture of vodka requires 0.5 liters of vodka and 0.5 kg of ripe large berries of Viburnum:

  • Berries are moved, carefully washed under running water, dried;
  • in a prepared glass container, the berries should take up half the volume;
  • vodka is poured so much that it completely covers the berries;
  • The container is tightly closed with a lid, placed in a warm place for a day;
  • a day later, the remaining vodka is added to the tank;
  • the mixture is infused for a month or more, and then filtered;
  • tincture is ready to use.

The longer the viburnum is infused with vodka, the more useful the tincture

Easy to prepare andviburnum red with sugar- rolled up in cans, it will stay all winter and will be an excellent flavored supplement for tea or cakes, revealing its true taste. For the preparation you will need 1 kg of viburnum berries, 700–800 g of sugar, sterilized jars. The cooking process will take literally 5-10 minutes:

  • grab berries, remove spoiled fruit and twigs;
  • in a colander or sieve wash viburnum under running cold water;
  • In a sterilized jar, a couple of tablespoons of sugar are laid on the bottom, then some of the berries;
  • viburnum is sprinkled with sugar, a layer of berries is laid out again, sugar again, and so on. The remaining sugar will be the last thick layer.

If long-term storage is planned, the jar can be rolled up with a metal lid; if viburnum will be consumed immediately, a polyethylene or twisted tin lid is sufficient.

tincture of red viburnum

Tincture of red viburnum

Are the red viburnum bones useful?

Kalina is good becauseany part of the bushpossess healing properties and can be used in the treatment of diseases and recovery of the body. The heart-shaped bones of berries containing biologically active substances will be useful: minerals, vitamins, fatty amino acids valuable for the body.

Broth-cooked brothIt is used as a diaphoretic agent, to combat digestive disorders of young children, improve the functioning of the stomach and intestines, and strengthen its muscle tone.

From the nucleoli of berries are preparedessential oils- contained in them natural carotenoids-antioxidants protect the body from malignant tumors, prolong youth, preventing premature aging. Viburnum seed oil is often included in medicinal ointments, balms and cosmetics - when applied externally, it will accelerate the healing of damaged skin (scratches, abrasions, wounds, boils, etc.), acne and skin rashes in adolescence. Suppositories, which include calamine stone oil, are useful in the treatment of inflammation of the rectum, uterus and lower urinary tract.

Contraindications for therapeutic use of ossiclesthe same as for viburnum in general: pregnancy, hypotension, high blood clotting, increased acidity of the stomach.