Using glass elements in the interior

The use of modern technologies in construction allows the use of glass structures in the interior of buildings and rooms without danger to health and life.

Properties of glass are now actively used to give unusual notes to the interior, as well as a large amount of light. The latter quality is especially popular, as it allows saving on energy costs both for individuals and legal entities. The light can be turned on for a long time, until it's day outside.

Elements such as glass partitions can be included in the already finished interior, and add it to the project at the planning stage. Using accessories and frames you can makeglassanything you want - partitions, screens, ceilings, racks and shelves.

Glass partitions and screens

A great tool for zoning any space. In this case, the design does not affect the amount of light in the room, as is the case with the installation of plasterboard walls and other materials.Using glass partitions can be divided, for example, the kitchen and living room. At the same time, the glass surface itself can be decorated for stained glass or filled with patterns. Tempered glass or laminated triplex is usually used for partitions. It should be noted that at the same time a sheet of glass must be specially ordered with holes for fittings and fasteners, as the plumbing work on it can cause destruction. Partitions and screens differ only in size.

Glass designs for doors and ceilings

As noted above, modern technologies allow the manufacture of glass sheets for any needs and designs. Reliable mounts and light weight of the entire system can be successfully mounted on the ceiling. This allows to visually expand the space. As well as with other types of designs, you can add elements of additional decor to glass systems, install spotlights. Electricity on this ceiling opens new spaces for creativity to the designer.


An indispensable attribute of modern creative design are glass doors.For the manufacture of interior doors are usually used tempered glass. This fully complies with safety requirements, as such glass breaks down into small pieces in the event of destruction (strong mechanical impact), without causing any harm to others.

Glass Furniture

A stunning effect is created by pieces of furniture made from glass sheets. Such an interior is not afraid of the destruction of the structure, humidity and other factors that adversely affect the tree. The impression of a large free space and at the same time created storage sites perform several tasks at once. Glass shelves, tables, modular systems - all this is more than affordable by the designer.


The practice of using glass structures for the manufacture of screens and walls has shown that this can not stop. Walls made of glass, will turn the room into a gallery. An artistic drawing or stained glass elements can be applied to the walls.