Valentine's Day Tasty Content

A beautiful holiday is approaching - Valentine's Day. Each in its own way preparing for this holiday. Someone notes it, and some do not, however everyone loves to receive gifts. Today I want to tell you how to quickly and simply make a cute heart - candy, which will be the most pleasant and tasty valentine for your soulmate. You will be surprised how quickly and simply it is done! What you will need to create a valentine: • Office colored paper. • PVA glue. • • Scissors .
paper glue scissors
Take a sheet of colored paper and fold it in half lengthwise.
 fold in half a sheet
Now fold in half again to make a long, dense strip. We fold this strip to make a triangle - it will become the basis for the heart.
 fold again in half
Scissors "twist" the edges of the triangle to make it easier to give a heart shape. We start to collect the box. Wrap one edge of the triangle and glue it with the curved edge to the inside of the second half of the triangle.
 Twist the edges with scissors
Now make cuts on both sides of the triangle to insert them one another and glue the second side of the triangle, as the first.
 make cuts and collect
The board turned out uneven, try to straighten it, you can glue it with another layer of paper on the outside so that it is stronger and more beautiful.
 Valentine's card with tasty content
We've got such a heart, in the cells of which you can insert tasty sweets that your soulmate likes. If you take a sheet of paper of a larger format, you get a larger heart, which will hold more candies.In this case, the cells will need to be further divided into two cells, so that each of them has two. In the end, you can pamper your sweetheart delicious sweets. Experiment!  Valentine card with tasty content