Why dream of waves

Waves inherent in the water element can personify a warm and alluring sea, in the depths of which you want to plunge and enjoy their life-giving moisture. However, the waves can carry and danger, to be a harbinger of storms and natural disasters. The meaning of the dream depends on what waves you saw in your dream, what was its plot. Consider what dreams of the waves.

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Dream Interpretation: see the waves in a dream

Jewish dream book

This source of dream interpretation explains the visions in which the waves are seen in different ways. Treatment of sleep depends on the time of year. If the waves came in the spring, this dream suggests that you will have a difficult choice of several rather dubious ways to solve the situation.

Waves in the summer vision foreshadow vain efforts and bustle. A dream with waves, dreamed of in the fall, says that you are waiting in vain for a change in your life. Waves, dreamed of in winter, means that in the near future you will drink alone.

Russian dream book

According to this source, the waves are clear and calm in a dream that you see in the sea, foreshadow great successes in learning and the knowledge of the sciences.If in a dream you see how muddy and dirty storm waves are crashing against the shore, this dream should be regarded as a warning that soon you can make an irreparable mistake.

Modern dream book

According to this dream-predictor, the waves in a dream are a symbol, promising obstacles in current affairs. To see them in a dream means that life gives you a chance for a change, but only under certain conditions.

If you have seen transparent and calm waves, you can gain new knowledge, make significant steps in matters of self-knowledge. If the waves are dirty and stormy, there is a big risk of making an irreparable mistake.

Dreams horoscope

According to this source of interpretation of dreams, a vision in which the waves of the sea dream, foreshadows a tedious business trip.

Dream and Dmitri and Hope of Winter

According to these predictors, waves in a dream are reflections of your emotions and feelings. If the way the waves look, scares you, you should regard this vision as a warning. You need to restrain your emotions and impulsive actions in order to avoid misfortunes, otherwise your excessive impulsiveness and excessive emotionality can turn against you and cause significant harm.

Large, but smooth and beautiful waves that do not frighten you in a dream, are harbingers of the fact that you have enough energy to cope with all adversity.