We learn to serve ourselves so that then it would not be painfully "painful"

There is no secret in the art of self-presentation (that is, the ability to present yourself). It is only necessary to develop their positive qualities and smooth out the shortcomings. First of all, one should start with raising self-esteem. Without it, it will be quite difficult to behave with due confidence and to present yourself from the best side. If self-esteem is initially underestimated, then every day you should find the small victories that you have won, and praise yourself for them. If you do it in front of a mirror and even with a smile, the effect will only increase.When submitting yourself, the main rule that will allow you not to burn yourself later is not to pose as someone who you are not. Sooner or later, other people will still understand everything, and you will have to clean up the consequences.An important role in the pitch is gait. Agree, proudly raised his head man with the correct posture exudes an order of magnitude more confidence than a hunched and stiffly moving.If you are a man, then the best option would be a moderately fast, confident walk with a clear gait, if a woman is graceful and smooth. A confident person should have a confident look. During a conversation, it is worth looking directly at the interlocutor, while not drilling through his eyes during the entire conversation. It is necessary to highlight the small and large "triangles": the eyes and chin, the eyes and the area just below the neck. It is better to alternate the directions of views: first on one “triangle”, then on another, then seconds on 5 to the side, then on a new one. If you are a man, and your interlocutor is a woman with whom you are not in a close relationship or friendship, you should not keep your eyes on the décolleté zone for more than a few seconds.In some cultures (for example, in the Far Eastern countries), the interlocutor should not look into the eyes, on the contrary, this can be regarded as aggression. It is necessary to take into account in communicating with foreigners.Gestures also matter. Being constrained is not the best idea. But gesturing like a windmill is clearly not worth it. No need to put your hands in your pockets (except when you are in the cold), as well as look at your watch.Soft, moderate hand gestures in the direction of the interlocutor will allow you to understand that you know the topic you are talking about. Wardrobe also matters. If you need to properly file yourself at a business meeting, you need to pay special attention to this. Temper, accurate, no t-shirts of unsuitable colors sticking out from under the outerwear. If you are a woman, you should not be vulgar (exceptions can be if you want to specifically impress a man). But the main rule sounds simple and clear: be yourself. With endless attempts to adapt first to one environment, then to another, not for long and to lose oneself. Do not follow the opinions of others, it is better to have your own. You should not change your personality to the patterns that you impose. Just work on yourself without changing yourself.