What is fashionable hair color?

All women are little witches! One has only to shake the shock of loose hair, and men freeze with delight. Hair has always been the most important part of the female image. Want to change - start with hair. Having changed her hair color, a woman is transformed: her eyes are shining, her skin is shining like after a many days course of caring procedures.

What fashionable hair color to choose in 2013

The absolute majority of makeup artists and stylists have long convinced us that the natural, unpainted “mouse” hair color adds to the image of aristocracy. And only we agreed with this how fashion has changed again.

In the fashion again, bright colors, the game of shadows and colors. Natural classic shades will always be relevant, but if you want a change - the best time has come.

The ultra fashionable style of the season - "BROND". Want to look really fashionable and modern - make a booking. The bottom line is that the hair roots are painted in color, a few shades darker than the rest of the hair. Hair will look thicker, and hair will seem more voluminous.In addition, it is very economical: regrown roots will not be strongly evident.

What is fashionable hair color now? Expert advice

One of the directions - natural shades of hair. The fashion for naturalness is immortal, the “native” hair color is the easiest way to find an image. But even a natural light brown color can be given a fashionable shade:

  • creamy chocolate
  • chestnut shade
  • gold,
  • dark caramel.

"Chocolate" is always relevant. Choose a shade based on the color of your skin and eyes.

Actual shades for brunettes

This season in fashion shades are exaggerated: if you want to be a brunette, then by all means

  • coal black
  • the colors of the crow's wing,
  • purple-ink shade.

If you are young, you are not afraid to look older than you are either natural brown hair or a brunette - try on these fashionable shades. Blue-black hair was popular last year, it does not give up its position in the 2013th.

Tips for blondes

Blondes are always on horseback. Pick a new shade of hair for a couple of shades lighter than yours. Radically better not to change. Just remember: in the new season the ashen and its shades are not relevant at all, but they are very popular.

  • golden
  • wheat color

They play wonderfully in their hair and give them shine. Imagine how you will look under the rays of the spring and summer sun!? Pay attention to the colors: caramel, gold, honey and cream.

Redhead at the height of fashion

Young and very young women, as well as owners of charming freckles, can afford all its shades: from a barely noticeable shine to sparkling copper and gold. Also note the warm caramel shades.

Remember that any color can be both cold and warm. To determine what kind of “warmth” you have, do the following test. Take 2 pink shawls: one should be cold (for example, like the color of a blush in the cold), and the other a warm shade (for example, salmon). Alternately, apply each to the face and try to determine which one suits you best. In accordance with this, choose and shade of paint. The more red pigment in the paint, the warmer the shade, the more silver - the colder.