What plants are there?

Ivan Kochura
Ivan Kochura
March 19, 2013
What plants are there?

Restricting ourselves with two words to the answer, what plants are, is absolutely impossible. It needs to devote a whole science. Already for a large number of years, even centuries, the green shell of the Earth has been studied and until the end all types of plants have not been studied. In general, this is the main group of unicellular organisms. Constantly opening up new types of plants.

How many plants on earth

Today, the plant kingdom includes more than 300 thousand different species. Distinguish them based on the characteristics of the life cycle and features of existence. If you take life forms, then the plants are shrubs, trees, herbs, according to the method of reproduction - seed and spore, for the duration of existence - annual, biennial and perennial. The plants include some species of algae, moss, horsetails, mosses, ferns, gymnosperms and flowering plants. These organisms are also classified according to the signs of their relationship to natural factors - for example, light-loving and shade-tolerant, heat-loving and cold-resistant, and others.

Plant species

Different types of plants create a certain aggregate, which humankind is used to call forests, meadows, steppes, jungles, etc. Of those plants that grow in forests, there are different types of trees, shrubs and grassy plantations. Forests are deciduous, coniferous and mixed. Needles - the so-called needle on a pine or spruce tree. All these species are found on the territory of the Russian Federation. You can read more about this here - “What plants in the forest.

What are the plants - a very multifaceted and deep question. All these organisms are subdivided into one or another species, species are divided into subspecies, and so on. For example, only mossy found more than 10,000 species. The study of each species requires hard work. Some plants are very rare and need mild climates. Proceeding from the fact that they die easily, their numbers decrease and they are entered into the Red Book.

Significance of the plant world

One of the most basic environmental problems is closely related to the protection of plants and the preservation of the green layer of the planet. Without a plant species, the existence of animals and humans is impossible.Plant organisms absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and emit O2, thereby purifying the air, making it more conducive to breathing. Plants are one of the main types of food for heterotrophic organisms, including humans. What types of plants are key in the life chain, can be listed indefinitely, because they are used in various spheres of life.

Therefore, many organizations are being created today that are fighting for the safety of the green world and constantly urge all of humanity to actively participate in improving the state of the planet.

Now you know how many plants there are on earth and can appreciate their role in our life, which means you will be more careful and careful about them.