What do Scorpios like?

Scorpions, depending on the person and the specific circumstances, can become strong, dangerous, independent and merciless. Due to such characteristics, a person of this sign does not need compliments or comments from outsiders, since he himself is well aware of his virtues, is able to resist flaws, self-confident.

Types of Scorpions

Everything that Scorpios love is largely dependent on his type. He can go one of three ways.

The first - �the night Scorpion� - is full of poison, hatred; ruthless and vindictive. This is not desirable to meet on the way. But if Scorpio cannot find an object for attack, then his sting can cause serious harm to the owner himself.

The second is the �eagle� - strong and independent, wise and fair. The most numerous and worthy group. They know no fear. The eagle-rescuer will without hesitation enter the burning building, and the eagle-warrior will not give up the enemy under any circumstances.

The third, the �gray lizard,� is the weakest among Scorpios. Closed, hating everyone, desiring evil.Nevertheless, he does not lead an aggressive policy, preferring to sit in an inconspicuous place.

Regardless of the appearance of any Scorpio loves to accumulate knowledge. He will gladly challenge hundreds of adversities to prove his contempt for death and danger. Indifferent to physical pain, poverty, ridicule.

What does a Scorpio like?

Regardless of the state of mind, a Scorpio man always looks calm. Extraordinary composure leaves no chance for strangers to see the inner world. And if, by the will of fate, a woman is among the close people of such a man, then she should be prepared for the fact that at any moment an eruption of boiling lava can occur. And only if she has a �refractory� character, then this flow is not dangerous to her, but on the contrary - she will bring warmth to the family hearth and strengthen the relationship.

Regarding what women like Scorpios, it should be noted that they are unpredictable. More likely are those who will be able to combine the devil and the angel; be an independent beauty and will be able to earn the love of Scorpio. This is by no means all. But it's worth it, because Scorpios are devoted husbands and excellent fathers.

Does Scorpio love children? Crazy, but without fanaticism. He will never allow his children to relax, not learn lessons or superficially related to their health. He will teach them to defend and defend their interests, fight, respect their dignity and the honor of others. Only by growing up will the children understand the fatherly science and the reasons for too strict upbringing.

What does a Scorpio woman like?

The owner of charming beauty, proud, self-confident - this is a woman Scorpio. The owner of excess femininity when choosing a man stops at the strong, courageous and, of course, smart and beautiful. Sometimes unbridled passion finds its way into art, science or religion.

Scorpio woman loves comfort. Home furnishings are thought out to the smallest detail and sparkling clean. Cleaning for her is more fun than duty.

Intolerant of any kind of betrayal. Suspecting her husband, will arrange not only a scene of jealousy, but also a fight. After the next explosion quickly calms down. Very vindictive and wasteful.

Unlike a Scorpio male, a woman is always tender with her children. It strives to develop in every way any talents of children and contributes to the achievement of any worthy goals. May not pay attention to some of their antics.Having noticed a threat to their descendants, they immediately wipe away any aggressor, even if it is her own husband.

By the way, this is a sample of what women like Scorpion men.