What documents are needed for subsidies?

Alexander Smaznev
Alexander Smaznev
November 17, 2014
What documents are needed for subsidies?

Subsidies are payments from the state or local budget to citizens - consumers or producers of goods and services in order to provide social assistance, stimulate demand or develop areas of activity that are significant for the state. Read more about what are the subsidies, see the article What is a subsidy.

Subsidies for utility bills are payments from the regional budget to families whose income is below a certain level and does not allow them to pay utility bills in full without detriment to the family budget.

Families have the right to compensation by the local budget for a part of the utility bills, whose rent expenses make up more than 22% of the general family budget (this indicator may be lower depending on the region).

What documents are needed for subsidies for utility payments?

Approximate list of documents

  1. Documents confirming the identity of the applicant and his family members living with him.These include: an extract from the house book, a passport and birth certificate of the applicant and his family members, documents confirming the existence of kinship (marriage certificate, birth certificate). If non-members of his family live together with the applicant, it is necessary to document that they have legal grounds to live in this apartment.
  2. Documents confirming the legal basis for the use of the apartment (certificate of registration of property rights, social tenancy agreement).
  3. Documents about the income of the applicant and the people living with him. These include certificates of wages from the meta work for the last 6 months, certificates of the amount of social benefits (pensions, scholarships), a certificate of the amount of alimony, documentary evidence of other income. If a person living in an apartment does not have a source of income, it is necessary to document that he does not receive unemployment benefits, scholarships, childcare allowances, etc.
  4. Documents on payments for utilities. A certificate of the absence of debt to utility providers (issued by the accounting department of the management company), information about the amount of payment for utility services for the last month.If there is a debt, it is necessary to provide an agreement with service providers on its repayment schedule.
  5. Details of the personal account to which the grant will be transferred.

Making subsidies for utility payments can save an average of 1,500 rubles of the family budget. Under other programs, the state can provide assistance to citizens in a larger size. For example, a subsidy for the purchase of housing for young families is several hundred thousand rubles.