What does a dream mean when you see a frog?

Unattractive appearance did not prevent the frog from becoming a princess in one of the famous fairy tales, hinting at the fact that these amphibians should not be underestimated. What foreshadows their appearance in dreams, will help to understand the dream books, containing interpretations of various variants of visions.

ABC interpretation of dreams

In interpreting this dream book, the frog is a harbinger of success in endeavors, thanks to personal diligence and unexpectedly revealed traits of character. Such a dream can promise a change in social status and status, as well as a transformation of personal qualities for the better.

Dream Interpretation of Meridian

For women, a frog in a dream foreshadows a quick marriage. Your chosen one will be a wealthy widower who has children from his first marriage. In addition, such a dream can mean future interesting events in life that will bring joy. If amphibians are sitting in a swampy area, then unexpected obstacles may arise on the road to success.

English dream book

According to this source, frogs, having dreamed at night, are auspicious sign. For merchants, such a dream promises good luck in business, for farmers - a good harvest, for livestock breeders foreshadows the health and productivity of livestock. The lovers can count on a happy ending to the relationship, and all other people - on the support and protection from their friends.

Dream Dream

The interpretation of what the big frog dreams about is as follows. Such a dream is a harbinger of good female health and fertility, which will allow you to have a large number of children. In other cases, the amphibian may personify the presence of traitors and scammers in your immediate environment.

Dream Dream Thelomena

This dream book provides an answer to the question of what dreams of frogs in the water. For a dreamer, such a vision means an unexpected personal acquaintance that will have good prospects. You will be lucky to meet on your way a person destined by fate itself, who will be a true friend in joy and in sorrow.

East Dream

Catching frogs with your hands in a dream means a hint that it’s time to think about your own lifestyle and put an end to bad habits.The frogs, galloping in the grass, foreshadow the appearance of a true friend or lover. Loud croaking is a sign that a short ride is ahead.