What does Babaika look like?

Probably, each of us in childhood, for disobedience, was frightened by a terrible monster - a babe. After such stories it is simply impossible to sleep! The tradition of scaring your children with a terrible creature passes from generation to generation. No matter how funny it was, many of those who listened to stories about Babayka as a child are afraid of him after many years. In fact, this is not surprising. Inside each of us lives fears generated by a variety of reasons. Often it is impossible to cope with these psychological features, even resorting to the help of qualified specialists. Despite this, questions about the mysterious monster do not disappear. Why do we personify our fears in this image? What does a babayka look like? Is there a babayka in real life?

What does Babaika look like?

Who is babayka?

If you look at history, you can find a number of interesting facts that would help us understand the mysterious origin of this creature. We should start with the formation of the word "babayka". Babai - so in the Tatar language is called the old man, grandfather.Obviously, the name of the monster was formed from this word, but is it justifiable to call an old man so unknown to anyone?

You can put forward 2 versions of where such a name originated - babayka. On the one hand, this may be the image of a severe Mongolian-Tatar nomad, who killed many families who robbed a peaceful people. On the other hand, babaykoy could be an ordinary old man, who lived in an old deaf village. It is, in a way, a forest guard, leading an asocial lifestyle. It is because of its lack of communication, closeness that the character attracts the attention of not only children, but also adults.

What does Babaika look like?

There can be a lot of such stories about the origin of this grandma. This uncertainty in itself scares not only children, but also parents.

In teen camps, children love to frighten each other with horrific stories at night. Many of them even claim to have seen what this monster looks like, and can describe its appearance.

What does a babayka look like?

The image of such heroes of folklore, like, for example, Leshy or Baba Yaga, was laid down in our memory also from childhood. Unlike grandmaki, we have a clearer idea about the origin of these characters and how they look. If you ask a few children about how a babayka looks like - the answers will vary.Who is it? Night spirit living under the bed, or an old grandfather with a beard who watches us in the closet? Everything depends on the individual imagination of a person and, as mentioned above, on his personal fears.

Why is there a stereotype at all that a real baba looks like a monster? Perhaps this is a good old man who did not hurt a fly?

What does Babaika look like?

Parents depict a terrible image of a baba for their disobedient children. They claim that this is a huge, scary, evil, hairy monster that will come for the punished child. Children are endowed with a very bright and sufficiently developed imagination. Representing what kind of monster is waiting for them for disobedience, they fulfill the necessary requirements of their parents.

On a note! In fact, psychologists do not advise parents to frighten their children with the appearance of a terrifying monster. This image may look too frightening in the mind of a child, which, undoubtedly, can affect the psyche.

Is there a babayka in real life?

The answer to the question about the existence of this amazing fluffy monster is determined by the personal attitude of children and parents to myths, legends. It seems that such monsters do not exist, but who is stealing our things secretly, if not everyone knows the house?

If suddenly you happen to meet with a woman, we advise you to take the following actions:

What does Babaika look like?

  • Do not make loud noises.
  • Try to turn on the light (if the lamp is far away, you can put a small flashlight on the bedside table).
  • If possible - do not fall asleep alone in the room (ask your parents, brothers or sisters to stay with you).
  • If suddenly babayka already caught up with you - pretend to be asleep.

Observing these simple rules, one can not be afraid of the fact that parents or their children will be abducted by a terrible babayka.