What does a kiss mean?

Kisses Every person on earth, even a baby, knows what it is. And at the same time, nobody knows about kisses. It can mean tenderness and love, loyalty and friendship, care and passion. With a kiss, Judas even managed to betray. Psychologists believe that a kiss helps us maintain mental health, because endorphins are produced during it so much that a person is almost under the influence of drugs. It is believed that the kiss appeared a few years ago and was used to show respect for the gods. What does a kiss mean? How to make it unforgettable, appropriate and correct? We will understand together.

Meaning of kisses

There are so many different ways to kiss, so many situations when we kiss or kiss us, it is sometimes difficult to make out what a particular kiss meant: sincere love, easy flirting, passionate desire. Even a kiss in a dream can mean different things. For example, if you see children kissing in a dream, then reconciliation reigns in your family. See how you kiss your mother - foreshadows success in business.Kissing a sister or brother is a sign of good friendship. Kissing a stranger in a dream means being ready for an ill-considered act. There are many such interpretations. And what does a real kiss mean? It all depends on the place where you kiss.

What does a kiss in the neck mean

By right, a kiss on the neck is one of the most intimate. For women, a kiss in the neck is a step towards insanity. It incredibly excites almost all women in the world. Men kissing their necks say they want to possess them. It should be noted that a man kisses a woman’s neck more often than the other way around. After all, among other things, a kiss on the neck shows who is in charge in a relationship. And what man does not like to be the "master" of his woman?

What does kiss on lips mean

They say that on the lips there are souls of lovers. It looks like the truth, right? A kiss on the lips can also be different, but, no doubt, it always means love between a man and a girl. Gentle, barely a sliding kiss on the lips, means a reverent attitude to his partner. Kiss French means strong sexual desire. A light touch on the partner’s lips can mean attachment.Such a kiss is often found in long-established couples, when the passion subsided.

What does a kiss on the forehead mean

Each of us as a child received a kiss on the forehead from mom. For example, when she checked the temperature. Why do guys kiss on the forehead, which means a kiss on the head? Forehead kisses fall in love and fascinate. They remind us of parental love, and therefore we feel that we are cared for and protected. A kiss on the forehead, like a kiss on the top of the head, is the patron's kiss. Men kiss their favorite women in the forehead more often when they feel sorry. In this case, they tell us something affectionate and sweet. By the way, girls should remember that mothers kiss not only daughters, but sons as well. Therefore, for a man, a kiss on the forehead or the top of the head is also a symbol of parental care and love. If you want to support your loved one in a difficult situation, kiss him on the forehead and stroke his head. He will be pleased.

What does a kiss in the eyes mean?

If a guy kisses a girl in the eyes, it means romantic love. With his kiss, he as if drains her tears. Most often, a girl is kissed in the eyes when she is upset or even cries. It's hard for men to see tears of their beloved,therefore, a kiss in their eyes for them is not only a manifestation of love and sympathy, but also a kind of self-defense against negative experiences.

Other body parts for kissing

What does a kiss on the cheek mean? Often people kiss each other on the cheek. In some countries, this is a tribute to tradition and etiquette. For example, in Russia, when they meet, they traditionally kiss their friend on the cheek, and three times. But first of all, a kiss on the cheek means a manifestation of friendship, warmth in a relationship.

What does a kiss in hand mean? The kiss of a hand means deep respect to the woman from the man’s side. And besides this, such a kiss speaks about the education and chivalry of the gentleman.

There are thinking about what a kiss on the nose means. With a kiss on the nose, we say to each other: "You are so sweet!" And with a kiss in the ear, the partner flirts with us, engages in love foreplay, teases. A girl's kiss in the stomach by a man speaks of his conscious or unconscious desire to have children from her. And adults kiss children in the stomach in order to cheer them, because at the same time there is often a feeling of pleasant tickling. A kiss in the hair means sincere devotion. To them, a partner as if tells us: “I can’t live without you!”.

What does a kiss mean?

A kiss is not just a gesture, it is a symbol, a sign of attention, an expression of feelings. Blowing a kiss means flirting. I must say that most often it is used by girls. Apparently because men are more practical. It is easier for them to approach their beloved and kiss her in the present. A girl with a kiss draws attention to herself, adds mystery and inaccessibility in the eyes of a man.

Whatever the kiss, it is always a form of communication that helps us express our emotions and feelings. Having learned to recognize such a “language” it is possible to achieve mutual understanding with almost any person. In general, talking about kisses is a rather useless exercise. So get off the screen and go kiss your loved ones. After all, this is perhaps the most enjoyable thing in the world!