What does the logistics do?

Vera Melnikova
Vera Melnikova
November 26, 2014
What does the logistics do?

The market economy in Russia has led to the emergence of new professions. One of them is logistics (or logistic). What does the logistics, what are his job responsibilities?

Often, logisticians are compared to an air traffic controller. Indeed, he also manages a huge process of the firm’s economic activities, calculates the scheme of its most profitable development, controls the movement of material and information flows, in his hands information on purchases, sales, transportation and delivery of goods, communication with government bodies - in general, logistics is the brain of the company, its core. Experienced logistics is the dream of any company owner.

Main duties of the logistician

  • Study of the law relating to the work of the company, timely warning of changes in management;
  • The study of the situation on the market of goods and services, rapid response to changes in order to adjust the work of the company;
  • Control over all processes related to the purchase, sale, transportation, delivery of products and raw materials for it;
  • Organization of storage of goods, maintenance of product records in the warehouse and shipping documentation;
  • Identify ways to optimize the costs and costs of the company.

Thus, the role of the logistician in the company is great. It is no coincidence that logistics, as the science of the most rational and effective promotion of goods and services from producers to buyers, is one of the main in economic educational institutions.