What is studying a seleologist?

Angelina Ivanova
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What is studying a seleologist?

How many different professions in the world! In the process of technical progress, changes in society, new professions appear, old ones disappear. Let us turn to such a rare profession as a selenologist.

What Selenologist and Selenology Studies

Selenology is a whole scientific discipline that studies the moon from certain aspects of it. Not every specialist who studies the moon will be called a selenologist. The subject of selenology is the structure, chemical and mineralogical composition of the moon. The form of the moon and its relief is engaged in another area of knowledge - selenodesy. However, some sources report that the selenologist explores the moon completely: starting with its history, ending with the search for water on it and the observation of anomalous phenomena.

The history of the emergence of science is connected with the beginning of the study of the Moon by means of instruments and artificial satellites of the Moon. So, selenology originated in the middle of the 20th century.