Why dream of berries?

Leonid Veselov
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Why dream of berries?

In this article you can find out what dreams of berries in general, as well as what dreams of red berries. The general interpretation in dream books, if you dreamed of berries - this is business success, as well as tears and even illness. Depending on what you did with the berries, what they were in color and other criteria, there are such interpretations:

  • black berries - to sadness, grief, to bitter tears;
  • red berries - to joy, to tears of joy, pleasure;
  • light - to successful cases; tear bright berries - to victory over the enemy;
  • dried berries dream - to the disease; eating dried or boiled berries in a dream means that you will feel a sense of self-interest to someone; there are boiled berries in sugar - to a profitable event;
  • there are a lot of raw berries of mostly dark flowers - to a future disease or exacerbation of chronic diseases (the body as if signals a lack of vitamins);
  • pick berries in a dream - to a positive assessment of your work and work;
  • if you dream of a blackberry or raspberry - this indicates success in financial affairs;
  • crush berries for making jam or wine - to well-being in all your endeavors; just crush the berries (aimlessly) - to difficulties;
  • ripe juicy berries - to sexual well-being; unripe (green) berries - to the disappointment of love relationships;
  • dreams that you are attacking a large number of berries - to defeat the enemy;
  • berries with worms - you have detractors, you are intentionally harmed or not;
  • sell berries in a dream - to the hassle of money;
  • dried berries - to your intolerance in some matters, where you should not hurry.