What if the delay is monthly?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
August 16, 2011
What if the delay is monthly?

About once a month, every girl since puberty (11-16 years), menstruation occurs (monthly). The cycle is all individual. Normally, it is 28 days (plus minus 3-5 days). Just in case, we remind you that the cycle must be calculated from the first day of menstruation to the first day of the next menstruation.

As evidenced by the delay in menstruation

Delay of menstruation is called the absence of menstruation on the expected day. Nature laid down that the delay in menstruation marks the onset of pregnancy, if the girl has already had sexual contact (sex) with a man. But there may be other reasons for the delay of menstruation:

  • irregular cycle (periods come all the time in different ways, which can be a symptom of a disease),
  • gynecological diseases (for example, corpus luteum cyst),
  • endocrine diseases
  • climate change (often the girls have a cycle when traveling),
  • severe stress
  • taking oral contraceptives (birth control pills).

What if delayed menstruation

If the delay in menstruation lasts less than 5 days, the woman may not worry too much. But then the first thing you need to think about a possible pregnancy. If you live sexually, delayed menstruation can talk about pregnancy. And even if there was only 1 sexual contact with a man, some women manage to get pregnant regardless of when they had their periods. In the event that a woman takes birth control pills, but misses the day and time of taking contraceptives, pregnancy may also occur. To check for pregnancy, you need to pass the test ...

When to do a test for delayed menses

First, the test can be purchased at any pharmacy, just ask the pharmacist to give a pregnancy test. Also, it happens that the tests are sold in ordinary supermarkets, there they are absolutely normal. The test will show the correct result from the first day of the delay. For example, you have a usual cycle of 30 days, if there are no monthly periods on the 31st day, you can do a pregnancy test. Make a test before there is no sense!

If the reason for the delay is stress, which happens quite often, you should learn not only to work, but also to rest, it is possible to turn to a psychologist.Sharp changes in living conditions (for example, heavy physical exertion, aerobics, other sports) are also stressful for the body and can cause a breakdown in the menstrual cycle.