What if the former constantly calls

I am not talking about former husbands with whom you have children together, this is normal and correct. I mean the former, with whom you broke up without the burdensome consequences and no matter on whose initiative. Which made you feel a bitter resentment and broke your heart, because of which, finally, you shed a lot of tears.

Usually they start to call not immediately, but after some time, and many maidens rush in his head: he remembers me, he misses, he feels bad without me. He realized that I myself was the best for him, he appreciated me, he wants to return me!

I hasten to upset: the former call with the intention to return very rarely, usually everything to madness is trivial.

The first reason

Stupidly boring, and this is the most common option. Perhaps the caller already has another girl and everything in his life is type-top, but he was bored with having the same thing or it was precisely that evening that nostalgia struck him, and non-binding communication with the former is quite suitable for entertaining his beloved .

What if the former constantly calls

The second reason

Raise self-esteem: nothing flatters the peasant as a woman who suffers from it. This happens mainly in sensual men, who often doubt their irresistibility. It was the former Masha, Dasha, Frosya that would dispel these doubts, and if not they, then there will always be the fourth former Dusya, who is still waiting for his call, and such a lover hero will be satisfied that his irresistible someone else is holding emotionally.

The third reason is also one of the main

You need free sex - a win-win option, when it's boring, there's no money, it's bad to care for someone or to look for new adventures. And here there is the former, who, after several necessary phrases and hints, will rush to save the beautiful prince with his love.

Reason Four

You need to brag or dissolve the tail, especially if you threw it. So do those men, whose dignity was seriously offended. Well, such a small, petty type of revenge.

The reason is the fifth and last

Just interesting, but in general, x. h. why ... - there are actually few of them, and these are generally dull ushlepki. Well, this is how to climb from the former on the page in the "Classmates". Usually drunk, mindlessly, without far-reaching plans.

What if the former constantly calls

And now we need to figure out why you tolerate it and why you do not resort to radical measures. Overwhelmingly, these are our emotions and the satisfaction of our injured self-esteem: I remembered the same! - as well as the hope of continuing the relationship, the feeling that you need someone and you are not indifferent. But such self-deception does not allow to start something new, and if it turns out, then the calls of the former spoil everything.

What to do and how to get rid of this self-torture

If you call the former, remember vividly and clearly, because of what you broke up and what has changed. Try to include not the emotions, but the brain, and understand what he wants from you: help, to amuse your ego, friendly sex or to be together again. And if the last one, think: DO YOU NEED IT? No need to feel sorry for him, take pity on yourself and your time, which you spend on it, because the woman's age is short, unlike the male.

And if they definitely decided to tear it up, then ignore it completely: it is useless to change the phone, if it wants, it will know. If you can not resist the temptation to listen to the former's sweet-voices and simply do not pick up the phone, you can add it to the blacklist and ban it in all sc. Then, even if he calls, you won't know about it.

What if the former constantly calls

Weak? Is it easier to complain to your girlfriends that the former is missing you on the phone? So, it is necessary not only for him, but also for you - all the signs of masochism are obvious. Here, no one will help you until you stop playing the role of a spare platform for your former ex's emotional and physical comforts ... Maybe that's enough? Try to ignore the call from the past, and you will open the door to a wonderful future! Believe me, tested by millions of women ...

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