What is a conference?

May 15, 2015
What is a conference?

Meetings of specialists are needed to jointly resolve various issues. Consider what a conference is.

A conference is a meeting or a meeting of members of governments or various organizations, such as party, academic, or public, convened to discuss important topics.

Other meanings of the word

The following are other meanings of this term.

  • In earlier times, this word was called the council at a large educational institution, which performed an administrative function;
  • premises intended for such council meetings;
  • a large gathering of individuals representing states or community groups;
  • in tsarist Russia, the academic council, which consisted of each military academy;
  • according to a modern business dictionary, a conference is a congress of representatives of various companies or corporations;
  • cartel agreement concluded between shipowners.

An example of a conference is:

  • party;
  • international;
  • a conference on disarmament;
  • peaceful;
  • sea;
  • air;
  • professorial.

From the term "conference" originated and some other concepts. So the room, which is intended for large-scale meetings, called the conference room. The conference secretary is the position of the employee who manages the affairs at such meetings.

Now you know what a conference is, and you can correctly use this word.