What is a plan?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
February 2, 2015
What is a plan?

The word "plan" is quite common in everyday life. It has several meanings: it is not only a plan or a project of any activity, but also a drawing of an object in a plane.

Let's take a closer look at what a plan is and whether there are any differences in the meanings of this word.

The interpretation of the word "plan"

This word is used in various areas and activities, based on which you can figure out what the plan means.


In this area, a plan is an image of an object or area on a plane: a plan of a city, a plan of a house or a territory near the house (for example: the plan of a house was made according to the words of the residents).

Some people may mean a plan to mean a sheet of paper on which a drawing is applied.

You can also highlight the location of objects in the perspective of the degree of distance from the beholder (for example: In the foreground of the picture a small building was visible, and in the background there was a whole palace). By the way, the word in the same meaning can be heard on the cinema: Show a close-up face in the frame !.


In the literature, the word plan implies the composition of the stated or represented material:

  • The material was presented according to the plan.
  • "I was already thinking about the form of the plan, and how I would name the hero." - A. S. Pushkin.

In addition, it is also an abbreviated record of something: an abbreviated outline. To learn how to write and draw a layout plan, read the article What is a layout outline.

In addition, a plan is a point of view or a variant of the consideration of something: The speaker adhered to his practical plan. We did not deviate from the theoretical plan.

Other meanings

You can also highlight the following meanings of this word:

  • The order of actions performed: work plan, schedule, activity plan of the company. The manager presented his work plan on this issue.
  • The order of the military operations: The offensive was on the plan outlined in advance.
  • The scope of the appearance of something. Basically, in this sense, the word is used as a book variant: The action is designed for two plans.
  • If a word is used with adjectives that denote order, then such an expression may have a significance value.For example, in the foreground she had enrolled in a university, in the second, a career, and the family in the foreground.