What is an institution?

Angelina Vivcharenko
Angelina Vivcharenko
December 19, 2014
What is an institution?

Many definitions simultaneously belong to several fields of science. The word institute falls into the category of such terms. Few can understand what an institution is, because first you need to understand the context in which this word is used, and then deal with its meaning.

Institute: basic definition

In the broad sense of the word, an institution refers to a certain type of organization that is engaged in any type of activity or provides services. Most often, this word means a higher education institution, but there are other types of institutions.

Types of institutions

The word institution can refer to different areas, for example:

  • educational, research institutes are various universities, academies, specialized secondary schools.
  • A social institution is a special form of organizing the activities of people in society. For example, the terms “marriage institution” or “family institution” are often used.
  • legal institution - a set of legal norms that are designed to regulate social relations.

Also, the term “institution” in the broad sense may denote any element of the social structure of society or the historical form of social organization, any sample of culture or form of human behavior.

There are also economic institutions, for example, wages or property, and political - for example, the army, the state or a political party.