What is best to eat for breakfast? ^^

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Vioria ledi Makimov
������������Vioria ledi Makimov
������������Answered on November 18, 2014 20:46
"Eat breakfast yourself," so breakfast is a must-have meal. The question is what kind of breakfast will be useful for the body. If you are a knowledge worker, you need to start your day with curd mass, boiled eggs, oatmeal with milk or fruit. If during the day physical exertion is coming, you need to eat something more substantial in the morning. For example, an omelet with cheese, porridge with milk or a sandwich with chicken meat. In any case, do not eat white bread, and replace it with black or bran. Drink it all the best green tea. If you prefer coffee, use only scalded.
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Ulya Veselova
������������Ulya Veselova
������������Answered 18 december 2014 17:40
For breakfast, be sure to eat carbohydrates! Cereals, i.e. any porridge, best of all - oatmeal, rolled oats, buckwheat.
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Carol scott
������������Carol scott
������������Answered on April 12, 18:20
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We must eat what I want.