What is included in MOT?

As a rule, once a year for a motorist, there comes a time when you need to seriously attend to the technical condition of your vehicle. In addition, until recently, the requirements of the traffic police officers to undergo a technical inspection were very specific and required drastic measures. Well, in general, MOT (inspection) is a very important procedure, as it allows you to understand the condition of your car and, therefore, safety, and sometimes the life of the driver and passengers, depends on it.

What is included in TO 1

It is necessary to separate the different types of passage of those. inspection. There are only three types - TO-1, TO-2 and CO (seasonal car inspection). Let's start with the first. The purpose of TO-1 is to prevent accidental failures in the operation of all mechanisms of the vehicle until the next inspection. These include:

  • control and diagnostic work of all driving vehicles;
  • check all fasteners of the car body;
  • lubrication and adjustment work.

Most motorists are advised to undergo TO-1 precisely in the maintenance services.The fact is that a visual analysis of a layperson (and a professional too) will not protect the owner from possible hidden problems. At the station, you will be provided with special devices that are likely to reveal a dangerous breakdown. The benefits are, in fact, obvious. The sooner you notice a malfunction and fix one of the car's units, the less money you will spend on it in the future.

What is included in TO 2

TO-2 - this is a deeper inspection of the car. As a rule, when TO-2 is carried out completely and TO-1. The fundamental difference between these two processes is that with TS-2, the auto-wizards make adjustments, adjustments, analysis or repair of the vehicle components with their full or partial disassembly. With TO-1 this does not happen. The complexity of this work is really high, so only the masters of car maintenance services can cope with the task. However, it is no secret that many motorists are trying to self-tune and disassemble the units of the car, which sometimes leads to serious consequences. After all, it is necessary not only to properly disassemble and repair the knot, but also to place the part on that place as it stood there.Well, another point in favor of putting the car in the service of maintenance is the special equipment with the help of which car repairs are made. It is unlikely that you will have half of those useful tools that are necessary for the effective maintenance of your car in your garage.

What is CO?

What is included in the car MOT, we figured out. Now let's talk about seasonal service (CO). In fact, CO implies the very "pereobuvku" cars for winter or summer tires. However, this CO is not limited. Some services offer additional services, such as anti-corrosive car body coating and so on. As a rule, CO is carried out in conjunction with TO-2, which facilitates the task of passing, saves your money and time.

And finally, I would like to highlight such an important topic as the rules for the passage of any MOT. It is known that the traffic police imposes on the driver the requirement to comply with the rules for the passage of MOT, but they do not specify what he specifically. What is the reason? And the reason is that for each car and each specific model a specific regulation is established.And the factory of your steel horse does it. You can find a description of the necessary procedures in terms of TO-1 and TO-2 in the instructions for using the car. In addition, it lists all the characteristics of the various components of the car and their approximate "exposure" by the number of kilometers traveled. The list of necessary procedures should also be described in the book.

What is included in the maintenance of the car that you drive? This is best found in the service station. And in general, the most correct choice in deciding whether to pass a regular check is to work with a car-care center. Employees of the service center will offer you not only a complete check of the car, but also point out possible future breakdowns.