What is peak?

The word "peak" is of French origin (pic). What is the peak in modern Russian?

Today, this word is known as a geographical term, but is also used in other areas and colloquially.

Geographic term

The geographical term "peak" is used to refer to a sharp top of a mountain (cliff) with steep slopes. For example, Communism Peak (the highest point of the USSR, located in Tajikistan), Stalin Peak (the top of the Pamir mountain system). In this case, the word "peak" is part of a proper name and is written with a capital letter. For more information about the names of mountain peaks, you can read in the article What are the high mountains.

But in the phrase "mountain peak" this word is already written with a small letter, since it is not part of the geographical name. Example: "Under them was a green sea of vegetation, and on the horizon - white peaks of the rocky mountains" (E. Sartinov, "The Death of the Earth: a new countdown").

Peak hour

Everyone knows the expression �rush hour�. This is just a vivid example of the use of this word in its second meaning: the highest point of development (actions, events, phenomena). Rush hour is the time point at which this highest rise occurs.For example: "St. Petersburg's rush hour is not so terrible for the average person if he is a pedestrian and does not rush to the machine early in the morning" (O'Sanches �I love time�). Note that this phrase is a half-language (borrowing) from the English language: peak hours - reak hours.

Other meanings

Peak as a sharp jump, short-term rise. For example, the peak load of a power plant is a sharp rise in power consumption at a certain point in the day. Peak oil - the maximum oil production that has already been or will only be achieved.

Peak as a maximum indicator of cyclical development: the peak of solar activity, the peak of the flood. In this case, this word denotes a cyclic phase, reaching a maximum in all indicators and characteristics.

In the meaning of �maximum�, �highest� the word �peak� is also used in colloquial or book speech.

  • Eve did not want to remember everything further, sad and sad, she just cut everything off at the very peak of happiness (E. Sartinov, �The Death of the Earth: A New Countdown�).
  • Passions reached its peak and died away (V. Naumov, �Souls of Darkness�).
  • Experimenting, I slowly added load every day until I figured out the peak of possibilities (E.Sartinov "Death of the Earth: a new countdown").

From the word �peak� in this sense came the adjective �peak�. For example, a peak situation is a situation that has reached the maximum point of its development or higher voltage.

The word �peak� is also used in card terminology as a derivative of the �peak� suit: queen of spades, jack of spades, nine of spades, and so on.

  • The peak six fell under the "forehead" from the first abtsuga (B. Akunin "Azazel").