What is a sonar?

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What is a sonar?

In this help article you can learn what a sonar is. This word is also synonymous with terms such as �sonar� and �echo sounder�. The very term "sonar" appeared from the abbreviation in English: SOund Navigation And Ranging, which literally means "sound navigation and location."

The following describes the principle of operation of the sonar and where it is applied.

The principle of operation and scope

Sonar is an equipment that, using sound, namely, by means of acoustic radiation, detects underwater objects.

There are two principal varieties of sonar. The first is passive, and the second is active. Passive sonar allows you to determine the location of the object under water due to the signals emitted by the object itself. The active sonar itself radiates some waves and by the way they are reflected and scattered, we can conclude about the location and size of the desired object.

Initially, such a technique was used only during hostilities to detect enemy combat vehicles.But at the moment the scope has expanded significantly. For example, many modern fishermen use echo sounders for fishing.