What is useful lingonberry?

Ksenia Vilinskaya
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What is useful lingonberry?

Lingonberry is a berry growing in the northern regions of the planet. This low shrub grows on poor and acidified soils, in coniferous forests, tundra. Berries of dark red color are not only beautiful, but also possess significant valuable properties.

What is useful lingonberry

Lingonberry fruits contain useful acids and elements:

  • beta-carotene - the material for the construction of essential vitamin A, or retinol, involved in the formation of skin cells;
  • Vitamin C helps to strengthen blood vessels, protects against colds and improves immunity;
  • pectin - removes toxic substances from the body;
  • malic, acetic, salicylic acid;
  • calcium, potassium, manganese and other trace elements necessary for the body;
  • Benzoic acid is a natural conservative, it allows for the storage of lingonberries for a long time without additional conditions

Cowberry leaves

However, not only the berries of this plant contain many useful substances, but also its leaves. In them you can find a storehouse of useful:

  • vitamin C;
  • tannins;
  • organic acids.

Read more about lingonberries and its beneficial properties in the article Lingonberries: useful properties. Select the main and most important.

The benefits of berries and leaves

  • Lingonberry fills the lack of vitamins. It is useful to eat in the cold period of the year, as a prophylactic and directly for colds.
  • Lingonberry juice is indicated for nervous exhaustion.
  • Cranberry leaves decoction is used to treat kidney disease, anuresis, and low acidity gastritis.
  • A decoction of lingonberry berries has an antimicrobial effect, quenches thirst in the case of fever, is used for colds.
  • Juice or broth cowberries drink with hypertension.
  • Lingonberry has anti-sclerotic effect, restores strength, relieves fatigue.

Apply berry also for tuberculosis, diabetes. It has a beneficial effect on the immune system, making eyesight more clear. Lingonberry also serves as an excellent antiseptic.