What is useful plum?

Vera Melnikova
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What is useful plum?

Plum - one of the favorite fruit trees in Russia. It grows almost throughout the country, but its greatest harvest - in the south.

Since ancient times, people knew about vitamins in plums, the beneficial properties of this fruit, so the plum was grown with special love and affection. For medicinal purposes, use the flowers, leaves and fruits of this tree, which are rich in minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, nitrogenous, pectin, tannins and many others. Plum is a real well of health! So what is useful plum?

Useful properties of plums:

  • This is an excellent way to stimulate the bowels. Plum is used as a laxative agent. Prunes - that is, dried plums - are brewed in boiling water, the infusion obtained, and the fruits themselves greatly alleviate the human condition for constipation, intestinal distention, any discomfort in it.
  • Plum juice has antibacterial agents, so it is especially useful for children who have a greater risk of catching germs during the game.
  • Apply plum and spasms of internal organs, as it can relax their smooth muscles.
  • Plum is a good anti-inflammatory and expectorant, therefore it is useful to drink broth with prunes for infectious and catarrhal diseases.
  • It has long been used plum leaves for the treatment of various wounds, pustular diseases.
  • Infusion of plum flowers and leaves is used to treat various diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract. Such infusions greatly facilitate the human condition.

Thus, the plum is not only tasty, but also very healthy, so you should try to eat it as much as possible during the season, at the same time preparing fruits, leaves and flowers for the winter.