What is useful zinc ointment?

The border between cosmetic and pharmaceutical skin care products has recently become almost indistinguishable. Drugs purchased at a pharmacy are often used for other than their intended purpose, but they do not lose their effectiveness because of this.

Today we will talk about zinc ointment. This simple and inexpensive tool helps to get rid of permanent rashes, and also has a rejuvenating effect. How to use it, and whether to expect stunning results, we will tell below.

Minimum cost, but what is the result!

The pharmaceutical industry offers a large amount of tools to combat acne, acne and fight the first signs of aging - fine wrinkles. But zinc oxide has recently gained particular popularity.

What particular properties does it have?

  1. Anti-inflammatory effect allows the agent to alleviate the condition with a large number of dermatological diseases.
  2. Zinc affects the production of subcutaneous fat, thereby reducing the process of clogging and clogging of pores.
  3. Due to the regenerative action the drug is used for the early healing of wounds, cracks, pressure sores, ulcers. This minimizes the chance of scars.
  4. Zinc ointment contains petrolatum. In combination, they help improve skin elasticity.

The remedy is indicated for dermatitis, sweating, eczema, skin lesions (cuts, abrasions), acne and acne. Often it is used for children in the fight against "diaper" dermatitis and diaper rash, having a drying effect.

Now let's see how to apply zinc ointment to treat acne and acne, as well as in the process of skin care.

Make the face clean

Rashes and acne bring a lot of inconvenience and trouble. Inflamed areas not only look unattractive, but also serve as channels for additional infections.

It is necessary to use zinc oxide for the face with caution and, preferably, after consulting a doctor. Despite its safety, dermatologists do not recommend using other means in parallel.

To avoid problems, and the result pleased you, you should follow a few rules:

  • before applying the skin must be cleaned;
  • the number of possible applications can be up to 5-6 times a day;
  • so that the tool does not cause edema, it is better to use it pointwise, but in the case of abundant rashes can be applied with a thin layer to the entire face;
  • over the ointment can not impose decorative cosmetics;
  • After a course of treatment, it is worthwhile to include foods rich in zinc - eggs, nuts, legumes. But food containing a large amount of copper should be discarded, as it slows down and often blocks the action of zinc.

Also, doctors recommend using Lassar paste. In addition to zinc, it contains salicylic acid and starch. They are excellent at coping with recently appeared acne. Simply put the paste on the rash, and soon you will not see it.

It is also worth noting that the zinc-based ointment will not have the desired effect if you actively use decorative cosmetics during treatment. It does not allow the dermis to "breathe", and therefore the problem will remain unresolved.

No age changes!

In addition to pronounced antiseptic and wound healing effect, zinc ointment was used as a remedy for wrinkles.

One of the main factors that provoke skin aging is active UV rays. They deprive the dermis of the necessary moisture, so that it loses its elasticity. Zinc oxide effectively blocks them. If you apply the drug in the warm season at the end of a sunny day, you can get a smooth, beautiful tan without burns.

In addition, it helps to smooth out the relief and make the surface of the face smoother.

How to properly use the ointment in the process of fighting wrinkles?

  1. It is better to carry out procedures for the night. The reason for this is petroleum jelly, which is slowly absorbed and leaves a greasy film on the surface.
  2. It is worth considering that the drug has a whitening property.
  3. In its pure form, the use of ointment is allowed only to owners of oily skin, as the main component has a drying effect. In all other cases, additional components will be needed. For dry and normal skin, the addition of butter and nourishing cream is recommended.
  4. Do not apply ointment on the lower eyelids. But patting movements are allowed to do it in the corners of the eyes in order to get rid of the so-called crow's feet.
  5. The course of such beauty procedures should be no more than 2-3 weeks. After that, a break for the same period is necessary.

At home, you can also make lifting creams yourself:

  • for dry type: mix zinc oxide and lanolin in equal proportions;
  • for normal: combine the same amount of ointment, olive oil and spermaceti cream;
  • for oily: in a ratio of 1: 1: 1 mix zinc oxide, corn oil and boric vaseline.

Despite the wide range of beneficial properties, zinc ointment is not a panacea for dermatological diseases caused by bacteria or fungus. In addition, it is worth remembering that the drug is not cosmetic, so you need to strictly adhere to the dosage and duration of treatment courses. And let your skin always shine with health and beauty!

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