What kind of massage you can do at home with heel spurs

The heel spur is an overgrowth of a sphenoid or spinous process in the region of the calcaneus. The causes of the disease are different. These include flat feet, injuries, impaired blood flow and metabolic processes in the legs. Symptoms of the disease are associated with burning pains, such as occur when a solid small object is hit under the heel when walking. In the treatment of heel spurs, great importance is attached to massage, which, if desired, can be done at home.

Different types of massage

Massage heel spurs can be done by hand, and it is not forbidden to use the means at hand and special tools. The purpose of the massage is to remove the swelling and loosen up as much as possible, stretch the growth on the heel, and then, with one targeted effort, break the spur. However, the latter is not recommended to be done independently, without special knowledge and specialist control.
At home, massage with heel spurs can be performed using a roller-rod or a conventional wooden roller, designed to relieve foot fatigue. Experts recommend first to steam the sore spot in the bath or make a healing compress, and then knead the skin with your feet. To relieve inflammation and reduce pain will help a compress of black radish. To do this, you need to grate the vegetable on a fine grater, and fix the resulting gruel on a sore heel for the night. In the morning, remove the compress and begin to massage.
If there is no roller, the procedure can be performed by hand. Rub the sole and shin with the palm of your hand. Then begin to knead the toes and act in the same way on the heel. Relieve pressure. Pat your feet, lifting each toe in turn. After that, raise and lower all the fingers at the same time. Again, rub the shin and finish the massage with stroking effects from foot to groin. It is recommended to knead the feet with such ointments as “Fastum gel”, “Viprosal”, etc.
To get rid of the heel spur, it is necessary to fill the basin with hot water and dissolve 1 kg of salt in it. Soak your feet in this solution until the water has cooled,after that, it is necessary to clean the fresh ear of corn from the leaves and use it as a device for massage, that is, roll it on the floor with your feet. If the corncob is not at hand, you can use the leaves of dioecious nettle. Two bunches of fresh nettle scatter on the floor and walk on them for 30 minutes. If you carry out this procedure regularly, then nothing will remain of the heel spur.

What else can be used for foot massage

Nuts, sea pebbles, buttons, etc. can be used as devices for home massage. You can warm up the skin and prepare it for a massage not only with the help of compresses and baths, but also with simple felt boots. Well rub the skin of the heels on a hard woolen surface of the boots and begin to process the foot with a rolling pin. The only condition is to knock the rolling pin on the heels is impossible, otherwise you can even more damage the tendon. The main task is to strengthen blood circulation and strengthen the muscles of the foot, and for this you need to act gently but surely. If the pain increases during the massage, it should be stopped.