What of the latest box office interesting goes now in cinemas?

We want an interesting film to look at, preferably not a treshak with a wet one, but something spectacular with special effects with a beautiful picture in the genre of fiction, thriller, action, advise what is coming now.

a guest30.04.18 20:28

I liked "Breathe in the darkness", an interesting idea and the plot is not beaten, something new for the genre of fiction.

a guest30.04.18 20:31

Star Trek Retribution is the last part of nothing, but this movie is exclusively for fans of this genre, but it is specific and not understandable to everyone.

We watched yesterday the Coach with Kozlovsky, I don’t like sports dramas, but the film is cool, I don’t get tickets for nothing.

Kozlovsky was surprised, our Cinema rarely makes decent films now, but the Star Trek 3 is utterly crap, it came out crumpled and messy, waiting for the new products from Deadpool 2, promises to be judging by the trailer excitinghttps://vidosy.com/video/20bpjtCbCz0/Deadpool-2-The-Final-Trailer.htmlone sound is worthit is a pity that the creators decided to slightly modify the main character, and maybe for the better, in any case, I think it will not disappoint, all the films from Marvel are chic, they are experts on sequels)).

I can advise the film Jackalshttp://kinosklad.net/8857-shakaly-2017-online.htmlThe family, fenced off from the outside world, attracts a well-known expert in the occult sciences to pull his son out of an ominous sect obsessed with a cult of violence. But in an attempt to stop the process of capturing his mind, the family is locked in a country house in the depths of the forest, surrounded by ruthless sectarians who have decided to return the missing member of their sect.

From the latter, I really enjoyed the movie "Coach", although I can’t stand for Russian films. The same sports dramas prefer to watch overseas. But this film really captured and inspired.