What to cook from beets?

Beetroot is an extremely popular and healthy vegetable. It is indispensable from both medical and culinary point of view. It contains a large amount of vitamin C and P, which helps to increase the elasticity of blood vessels, prevents internal hemorrhage and sclerosis. In small doses, beets contain vitamins B1and B2as well as carotene. It is stewed, boiled, pickled, pasteurized. It is used in cooking first courses, vinaigrettes, vegetable stews, salads and drinks. For eating use even the tops. Let's consider the options for what to cook from beets.

The vinaigrette

And where do without it. One of the most popular beet dishes. Interestingly, there are already more than a dozen of his recipes. For example, so simple:

  1. Boil 400 g of potatoes, peel and cut into slices.
  2. 200 g of green onions cut very finely and mix with potatoes and chopped boiled beets.
  3. Season with vegetable oil. Salt

Mushroom vinaigrette is not much more difficult to cook:

  1. 150-200 g of salted or pickled mushrooms cut into noodles.
  2. Head onions finely chop straws.
  3. Three medium potatoes, one carrot, one beet boil. Then cut into small cubes, also done with pickled cucumbers (200g).
  4. Prepare the sauce from vegetable oil, lemon juice, finely chopped parsley and dill, pepper, salt, sugar.
  5. Stir the ingredients and season with the sauce.

It can be a separate dish, snack or side dish, which only emphasizes the versatility of the salad.

Beet salad

An example of how to make a salad of beets for the holiday table:

  1. On a large grater, grate beets.
  2. For 4-6 hours in boiled, but cooled water soak prunes. Drain water, remove bones and cut the flesh into small pieces. Stir in grated beets.
  3. Chop walnut kernels (put the most beautiful ones to one side) and garlic.
  4. Shuffle everything. Salt, sugar, vegetable oil - to taste.
  5. Place the bottom of the dish with leaves of green lettuce, put the prepared salad with prunes on them and decorate it with shelled walnut kernels.

The number of ingredients in such a dish is determined independently, which makes its preparation original for each house. If your family loves apples, then the recipe for beetroot salad written below is exactly what you need:

  1. Grate beets on a coarse grater and lightly fry, while often stirring.
  2. Add grated apples, cloves, cinnamon and fruit juice.
  3. Stew until tender, covered with a lid.
  4. To taste - sugar. Salt, lemon juice.

Beet Caviar

Make sure that you can cook a lot of different dishes from beets. Here is another type of dish:

  1. Medium-sized washed carrot and beet grate on a fine grater.
  2. Put everything in a deep iron pot and simmer over medium heat under the lid until soft, not forgetting to stir occasionally.
  3. Separately fry the onions with tomato and add here, seasoned with pepper, salt and sugar.
  4. Sprinkle the practically ready dish with finely chopped garlic (to taste) and greens.

By replacing vegetable oil with mayonnaise, you can get a completely different dish. The recipe for beet caviar is simpler:

  1. Boil or bake beets in the oven without peeling the skin.
  2. Cool it in cold water, peel, chop and fry in vegetable oil, adding finely chopped and roasted onions.
  3. Salt, sugar and other spices at your discretion. Do not forget the greens.
  4. Decorate the bottom with leaves of green lettuce, lay out the cooked dish, and put a sprig of dill or parsley on top.

Cold appetizer ready

A reliable way to cook beetroot is to stuff it. To do this, boil the beets to readiness and cool them down in cold water. Next, peel the skin and cut out the middle. Cook the minced meat with crumbly rice, taken out of the heart of beets, grated apples, boiled eggs and cottage cheese. Salt, sugar.

The beauty of this dish is that you can use non-standard and author's options for the preparation of minced meat like dumplings. As a result, you can get an original and tasty dish, which is prepared only in this house.

Beet Casserole

How to make beet salad every housewife knows, but how often have you had to make a casserole of beetroot? If not, here is a real chance:

  1. Washed beets bake in the oven and peel. Then skip through a meat grinder.
  2. In parallel, you can pay attention to the preparation of thick semolina.
  3. Add to the semolina finely shabby cottage cheese, beets.
  4. Add eggs. Salt, sugar - to taste.Stir and place in a mold, pre-oiled and sprinkled with breadcrumbs.
  5. Bake in the oven and serve with sour cream.

When preparing beet dishes, you not only provide your body with necessary calories, but also take care of the health of your family members. After all, in addition to vitamins, beets contain potassium, phosphorus, boron and silicon. It perfectly copes with pathogenic bacteria and infections, has tonic properties, improves digestion, the work of the liver and gallbladder.