What to do if hair splits

������Factors that affect the condition of the hair, quite a lot. To find out exactly the reason for the thinning and section of hair, you can contact the trichologist who will prescribe the study and, if necessary, prescribe treatment.
Pay attention to hair care items. The best combs - with a ceramic coating, which are sold in stores for hairdressers. They take care of, remove static electricity from the hair and do not heat them when they are placed with a hairdryer. In extreme cases, you can choose a wooden or plastic comb. Try as rarely as possible to use hair dryers and irons, which dry out and injure hair.
Shampoos for the treatment of split ends should contain herbal extracts, silk proteins, keratins, lecithin, vitamins and other active ingredients. Balsam or conditioner is desirable to use from the same collection as shampoo. Special masks, serums, ampoules and creams that can be purchased at a pharmacy or a specialty store help to restore split ends.Most often they are applied to damaged areas and do not wash off.
For hair coloring, buy paints from well-known companies that contain caring and nourishing ingredients - oils, plant squeezes, proteins. But it will be even better if you entrust the hair coloring to professionals.
Use homemade masks for split ends. One of the best products is olive oil. Preheat it in a water bath, mix with the yolk and apply on damaged areas of hair. Cover the head with plastic and wrap a towel. After 2 hours, wash off the mask with a regenerating shampoo and rinse with a decoction of nettle or chamomile.
Miracle for hair is burdock oil. It not only treats split ends, but also significantly accelerates hair growth. Warm burdock oil should be applied to the tips and roots of the hair, and then wrap up the head. Keep this mask for 1 hour, and wash off - with shampoo and water with the addition of lemon juice.
Take care of your hair and the result will surely please you!